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National Costume Dolls and Souvenir Dolls

All about souvenir dolls, international dolls, and dolls wearing national costumes.

National Costume Dolls
All about national costume dolls and foreign travel dolls including dates of production, sizes, pricing information and general information.

Absolute Japan
Web site with large selection of traditional Japanese Dolls for sale. Also, Washi Paper is available for doll crafting.

A Page for Japanese Dolls
In-Depth look at traditional Japanese dolls by Judy Shoaf.

Alaska Dolls
Eskimos, trappers, gnomes and Russian St. Nicholases from Norma Daniels.

Azumi Japanese Gallery
Lovely handcrafted kimekomi dolls by artist Nadia Azumi.

The International Doll Collection of Michael Cosgrove
Great site, showcasing a collection Michael Cosgrove's 2,000 doll international doll collection. Organized by region; an in-depth resource.

Dolls of India: International Dolls
Elaborate dolls depicting folk dances of India, Classical Dances of India, Peoples of India and also dolls in national costumes of other countries.

Dolls From Around The World
This site requires a bit of patience since all the links do not lead to photos and information. However, there are many photos of international dolls here, including from several countries (such as Afghanistan) that are difficult to find on the Internet.

The International Doll Museum
The Internationsl doll collection of Michael Cosgrove; selections from a collection of over 2,000 dolls.

The Harp and Dragon
The Harp and Dragon specializes in Welsh costume dolls.

Japanese Souvenir Dolls
Excellent site showcasing many types of souvenir dolls from Japan, mostly from the late 20th century.

Souvenir Dolls made by Martta nukketeollisuus Turku
Photo and some information about Finnish souvenir dolls from the 1960s.

The King of Dolls - Ljeposlav Perinic
Fascinating article about a collection of dolls in national costume in a Croatian museum.

A Page for Japanese Dolls
Comprehensive page; information on many types of Ningyo, or Japanese dolls, definitions, and more.

Shankar's International Dolls Museum
Museum in New Delhi, originally set up by political cartoonist, K. Shankar Pillai which houses one of the largest collection of national costume dolls anywhere in the world.

Russian Costume Dolls
Russian dolls of all types--beyond Russian Nesting dolls.

Russian Souvenir Dolls
Russian site with many varieties of Russian nesting dolls for sale.

The Japanese Doll Festival

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