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Beating the Winter Blahs with Dolls

Reproduction China Head from Etsy

Even if you are up to your windowsills in snow and ice, there are some terrific ways to beat the winter blahs with dolls and to share your collection with others.

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Doll Collecting Spotlight10

Writing Doll Books

Thursday April 17, 2014
Chinese Cloisonee Doll with Carved Bone Head, 20th c.This week, our Blog consists of four articles dealing my adventures in writing "With love from Tin lizzie: A History of Metal Heads, Metal Dolls, Mechanical Dolls and Automata." So, You want to Write a Doll Book? begins the memoir. Read more. ..Part II; So, You want to Write a Doll Book? discusses how I decided to write about metal dolls. Read more . . . So, You want to Write a Doll Book Part III talks about my friendship with author Mary Hillier and others who helped me. Read More . . . Part IV So, You want to Write a Doll Book? Keep Reading! addresses some of the pitfalls of doll authorship. Read More . . . Next time, I'll talk about writing "A Bibliography of Doll and Toy Sources" as well as other articles of interest to doll collectors. Happy Doll Collecting!Hinges and Hearts: An Exhibition of Metal Dolls

Doll Collecting Blog Week of April 14th

Saturday April 12, 2014
This week we will read More on Jumeau Dolls and More on Bru dolls. These are articles partly based on my book in progress, "The Cultural History of Dolls." Next, we'll visit the ancient past and read about Pre-Columbian dolls, excerpted from my (With Love From Tin Lizzie . . ." We'll also learn about the Croatian King of Dolls. Last, for those who love the macabre and history, unique dolls called Headless Historicals. Courtesy, Theriault's

Doll Collecting Blog April 7, 2014

Sunday April 6, 2014
Dolls from an Estate Collection, Vintage and ModernFor this week, Vintage Rose is a great general line antique store which includes vintage and antique dolls, furniture, accessories, and childhood items in its inventory. Read more . . . For more doll finding adventures, visit Eagle Estate Brokers Flea Market, aka, EEB Indoor Fleamarket. Read more . . . This weekend, the personal collection of legendary miniaturist and collector Flora Gill Jacobs will be auctioned by Noel Barrett. Read More . . . An A. Marque doll form the Stein am Rhein collection, auctioned by Theriault's, broke the record for an antique doll auction price at $300,000.00. Read More . . . International Harvester Heiress Frances Glessner Lee created Doll Houses of Death to help solve unsolved crimes, especially murders. Read more . . .

Ellen's Doll Collecting Blog March31st-April 4th

Sunday March 30, 2014
Silvestri automaton, collection Ellen M. Tsagaris Time does fly when you are having fun! I am approaching my second month as your guide and loving every keystroke of it! This week, I thought I would mention some of Denise's excellent articles on doll repair and pricing. I also reprise Part I of my piece on doll books on Kindle. More new articles next week! Happy April Fool's Day! Doll Restoration and Repair: Here is part of a series of extensive articles with sources and Bibliographies from the About.com archives. Read more . . Tips for Successful Doll Restoration: Here are tips for restoring dolls, including how to wash their hair. Read more . . . Dolls Price Guide: This is a handy, concise price guide to help you value your dolls. Read more . . . Ellen's Doll Collecting Blog Kindles, and Toys and Bears, Oh My!: Read on for a description of my doll library on Kindle. Read more . . .

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