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Book Review - Jan Foulke's Guide To Dolls

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This is a must have for the shelves of doll collectors, especially collectors of antique dolls. Jan Foulke wrote the very popular Blue Book series of doll price books for over 30 years, and this book marks the first in her new series of doll value guides. Coverage of modern and collectible dolls is somewhat limited due to space constraints (they receive only 100 pages of this 300 plus page book), and there is limited information about individual dolls, but for straight pricing information Jan Foulke's Guide To Dolls is excellent.
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  • Must Have Price Book For Antique and VIntage Doll Collectors!
  • All Color Photos.
  • Nicely Laid Out.


  • Limited Coverage of Modern And Collectible Dolls
  • Very Little Information on Internet Market For Dolls


  • 344 pages
  • Full color.
  • Mold number index is in the back of the book.
  • Antique through modern dolls.
  • Roughly 20 pages of information on collecting dolls included at the front of the book.
  • Some marks included in graphic format.

Guide Review - Book Review - Jan Foulke's Guide To Dolls

Its great to see Jan Foulke continuing her series of doll price guides with this, Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls. This is Jan's first book with Bangzoom Publishers, after leaving Hobby House Press which published her Blue Book series of doll values. <p> Jan has been a respected authority on dolls for well over 30 years, and her knowledge clearly shows in her books. At 344 pages, Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls is packed with pricing information presented in easy-to-read list formats. The book covers doll pricing from antique through modern dolls, although two-thirds of the book is devoted to antique dolls. As in her previous price guides, the photos are in color. Although the photos were larger and the paper glossier in the Blue Books, I do prefer the layout of this book with one large column of information instead of two smaller columns. Given that the book is in full color and the amount of information presented, the $29.95 price is quite reasonable. <p> In the interest of full disclosure, I write a competing doll price guide, The Official Price Guide To Dolls. However, I have over 300 doll books in my personal library, and I have all of Jan's price guides, including this one, in that library. Any serious collector of dolls should have many books, and several price guides. <p> The other thing that doing my own price guide has given me is the perspective of how hard it is to research and write a book like this. You might think that you don't need a doll price guide in the age of Internet information, but you would be wrong, since Internet pricing is a snapshot taken only at a particular time, and it doesn't give you perspective on real-world pricing and years of data collecting. Also, Jan's book includes information on marks, doll sizes, dates of manufacture of the dolls and more. Its truly a must-have book for all doll collectors.
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