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What's my doll worth? How do I identify my doll? You'll find our Dolls Price Guide plus other useful price guides to dolls plus answers to your doll value and identification questions here.

Antique Dolls Price Guide
This Antique Dolls Price Guide includes prices, photos and information about Antique dolls from approximately 1800 to 1930.

Antique Dolls Price Guide
This Antique Dolls Price Guide includes prices, photos and information about Antique dolls from approximately 1800 to 1930.

Dolls Price Guide
Dolls price guide, with photos, descriptions and current values.

Book Review - Jan Foulke's Guide To Dolls
Review of Jan Foulke's Guide To Dolls

What Can You Do With Modern Dolls That Have Decreased In Value?
What Can You Do With Modern Dolls That Have Decreased In Value?--Coping Mechanisms and Tips

Dolls Price Guide:  Prices and Information on dolls, antique to modern
Price and value guide to dolls, antique to modern. Includes large photos and information on each doll.

What is the Value of a Doll?
How is the value of a doll determined, and what do values in price guides actually mean?

How-To Identify Your Doll
Find out how to determine the manufacturer and/or name of your vintage or antique doll.

How-To Value Your Doll
If you know which doll you have, and now you want to know what its worth, look here for guidance.

Estate Dolls
estate, Ningyo, hina matsuri, Japanese dolls, Danbury mint, porcelain dolls 1980s, vinyl, estate sales, storage, museums, thrift shops

Sherman Smith, Artist and Whittler
This is a piece about a talented doll artist and woodcarver who has gained posthumous admiration for his remarkable dolls.

The Doll Collector's Calendar

Shirley Temple Tribute
Shirley Temple, beloved child star and inspiration for many dolls and collectibles died today at age 85.

Lincoln Dolls
brain babies, jack the doll, milliners model, porcelain, peggy nisbet, unique designs, Lincoln dolls, flat top china head, china head, Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln, Zouave, sanitary fair, Willie and Tad Lincoln, bobble head, bobble head John Wilkes Booth

Valentine Dolls
Valentine Dolls are gifts from the heart; they include Cupids, angels, Raggedy Ann, Dream Pets, Beanies, and Kamar Dolls, along with Barbies and more.

Dolls for Washington's Birthday-Emma Clear, Effanbee, More
George and Martha Washington have been reinvented as dolls by many companies, and are popular cross over collectibles with political memorabilia collectors.

Review: Official Price Guide to Dolls by Denise Van Patten
Denise Van Patten's "The Official Price Guide to Dolls" is the most comprehensive digest of doll collecting in the annals of doll price guides.

Review: SIS International Fair Trade Store
Lovers of folk dolls and folk art will be awed and inspired by the wonderful selection at SIS Fair Trade, centrally located with generous hours of business so everyone can visit. The scents of coffee, chocolate and incense gently waft through the air as you shop an amazing selection of international merchandise that includes many types of dolls, toys, figurines, puppets, and miniatures.

The Japanese Doll Festival

Doll Collecting and Contemporary Culture
Today, doll collecting in all its aspects is attracting publicity in social media, popular culture and American Society.

Hinges and Hearts: A Group Written Doll Poem
Here is what happens when a group of doll lovers get together to help your guide brainstorm a poem; read on, inspired by Hinges, Hearts, and Metal Dolls.

Dolls Are Where you Find Them
Update of "Where to find Dolls," this article includes some unusual places to find dolls

Stiches in Time; More on Cloth Dolls
Rag dolls reflect stitches in time that could tell the world's history, beginning with a Roman Rag doll that is over 2000 years old. Cloth dolls rule!

Doll Books on Kindle Part I

China Heads II
Part II of a history of various types of china headed dolls.

Theriault's Steim Am Rhein Museum Auction
The legendary museum finally gives up its secrets; The Stein Am Rhein auction.

Review: Abernathy's

Noel Barrett Auctions Flora Gil Jacobs Personal Collection
Doll, miniature, doll house, toy auction of a legendary collection immortalized once in a books and a museum.

The Doll Files
Documenting your doll collection and preserving ephemera creates an interesting side collection.

Update of Some Doll Reading, originally by Your Former Guide
Denise's earlier articles provide a plethora of doll collecting information; here are some updates to follow.

Marque Sells for $300,00.00

Profile: The King of Dolls by Ljeposlav Perinic (1922-2005)
This amazing, unique collection once graced the Worlds Far, Exp0 '67

More on Bru
More on this amazing doll of the antique world

More Jumeau
Jumeau has been called the prince of the French Dollmakers

So, You Want to Write a Doll Book?
metal dolls, doll books, authors, doll magazines, research

Part II; So, You Want to Write a Doll Book?
with love from tin lizzie, Schoenhut, bru, metal doll, doll files

So, You want to Write a Doll Book? Part III
The story of how I wrote a doll book continues, with help from Mary Hillier and others.

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