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Ginny Dolls: Vintage and Modern

Information and links for vintage and modern Ginny Dolls, produced by The Vogue Company. Also information on Toodles and other Vogue dolls.

Ginny Dolls - All About Ginny Dolls by Vogue
All about Ginny Dolls by Vogue, including dates of production, characteristics, prices, the secondary market and general information about this popular baby boomer doll.

Ginny Dolls: The History of Vogue, Inc.
The history of Vogue, Inc. and the ever-popular Ginny dolls.

Vintage Ginny Photo Gallery
Photos of Vintage 1950s Ginnys. From your About.com Guide.

Ginny dolls in the Dolls Price Guide
Vintage Ginny dolls in the Dolls Price Guide. From your About.com Guide to Doll Collecting.

Ginny-Type Dolls of the 1950s
Informative site that covers Ginny dolls AND the many Ginny look-alikes or clones of the 1950s.

Ginny: All-American Sweetheart
Find out why Vogue's Ginny is so enduring and why vintage Ginny is so hotly sought-after! From your About.com Guide.

Ginny 1950 to 1953
Page focusing onthe Ginny dolls considered by many collectors to be the most desirable of the Ginny dolls, produced from 1950 to 1953. Part of www.50sdolls.com

Ginny Doll Photographic Archive
Photos of Ginnys from all eras, organized by dates of dolls' release.

Ginny Dolls at the Spinning Wheel
One of many retailers selling the full line of modern Ginny dolls. Good photos of the entire 2001 line of dolls.

Ginny: Vogue Dolls
The home page of the manufacturer of Ginny. Find a local Ginny dealer, join the Ginny club or see which dolls have been retired.

Carolyn's Rock and Roll Ginny Dolls
Great site on 1950s Ginny, Muffie and Ginger Dolls. Excellent photos of the dolls and the 1950s eras.

Exclusively Ginny Bulletin Board
A Bulletin Board for the discussion of only Ginny dolls.

Mary's Doll Page
A collector's page with information and photos about vintage Ginny dolls.

My Favorite Ginnies
Ginnys from the collection of Jayne Best; from Jayne's Doll Closet.

The Toddles Years
Learn all about the precursor to the Ginny doll--Toddles (or Toodles) by Vogue.

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