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Types of Dolls: Play and Collector Dolls From Antique Through Modern


So many dolls, so little time! There is an incredible variety of dolls that are collected today, and collectors have nearly infinite many ways of collecting and sorting dolls--by era (antique dolls, vintage dolls, modern dolls), by material (bisque, wood, wax) by theme (celebrity dolls, Alice in Wonderland dolls), by function (play doll, collector doll, utility doll) and by type (baby doll, fashion doll, ball-jointed doll). In this section, you will find dolls grouped in several ways, including by date of production, by doll material, and by doll type.
  1. Barbie Dolls
  2. Dolls By Material
  3. Modern Dolls - 1980 To Today
  4. Vintage Dolls - 1925 to 1979
  5. Antique Dolls - 1800s to 1920s

Barbie Dolls

Delphine Silkstone Barbie Doll

Barbie is the most popular fashion doll ever created. Barbie has been a best-selling doll for over 50 years, and she is sold in over 150 countries worldwide. Doll collectors collect both vintage (Barbie from 1959-1972) and modern (Barbie from 1972 through today) Barbie dolls avidely. Learn all about Barbie dolls, including Barbie's family, Barbie doll prices and more.

Dolls By Material

Two Early China Dolls

If you know what kind of doll you have, that can tell you quite a bit about your doll including the era it was produced in. Find out about the most popular materials that dolls have been made from here.

Modern Dolls - 1980 To Today

Rinike from the Annette Himstedt 2006 Collection at Toy Fair

Find information on your favorite modern dolls here!

Vintage Dolls - 1925 to 1979

Shirley Temple Doll, 1930s

Get information about collectible vintage dolls produced from 1925 through the 1960s.

Antique Dolls - 1800s to 1920s

Tete Jumeau Doll

Find out about the dolls from the earliest wood and wax dolls through the bisque dolls produced by French and German companies.

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