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Tammy Dolls - An Introduction:

Ideal Dolls took one look at the Barbie juggernaut in the early 1960s and it knew it would have to answer with a fashion doll of its own. Its answer was Tammy, "The Doll You Love To Dress." Just like Barbie, Tammy had an extensive wardrobe and other accessories available separately. Unlike Barbie, Tammy had a more teenage style body, and so she appealed to many mothers who weren't enamored of Barbie's more adult curves.

Years of Production of Tammy Dolls:

Tammy was made from 1962 through early 1966, for approximately three and a half years.

Company That Produced Tammy Dolls:

Ideal Toy Corp. produced Tammy and family dolls. Tammy has not been reproduced by any of the modern doll companies.

Material, Size and Characteristics:

Tammy is 12" tall. Tammy's Mom and Dad are 12 1/2" tall. Pepper, Tammy's little sister (and her friend Patti) are 9" tall. All dolls are made of vinyl with joints at the neck, shoulders and hips. They have painted eyes and features and rooted hair.

Prices and Secondary Market for Tammy Dolls:

eBay has had a serious impact on prices for Tammy and family dolls. Only the most pristine never removed from box Tammy dolls and never removed from box Tammy outfits, and the rarest mint family members (like Patti) can bring over $200. The vast majority of items are reasonably priced and many can be found under $100. Heavily played with Tammy dolls and doll clothing are heavily discounted.

Marks on Tammy Dolls:

Tammy was marked on her back IDEAL TOY CORP.

Other Tammy Characters:

Tammy had an entire family of dolls. There were Mom and Dad dolls, Pepper, her little sister, and Pete, her little brother. She also had a boyfriend, and there were additional characters and friends.

Why Was Tammy Produced For Only a Few Years?:

Although some moms loved Tammy, Tammy was never as popular with little girls as Barbie. Although she held her own in the early sixties, she never approached sales of Barbie. And, with the sudden turn towards the "mod" mid-sixties, Tammy wasn't able to adapt. Barbie was able to add some long hair, a twist waist, and long eyelashes, and she fit right into the mid and late 60s, but Tammy was a very traditional doll. The combination of Barbie's overwhelming popularity and Tammy's inability to adapt meant the end of Tammy in 1966..after only three short years of production.
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