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Group of Sasha dolls

Group of Sasha dolls


Sasha Dolls - An Introduction:

Sasha dolls are highly stylized child dolls created by artist Sasha Morgenthaler in Switzerland. The dolls were made as artist dolls from the 1940s to 1975 and then as vinyl play dolls from 1964-1986 and then from 1995 to 2001.

Creator of Sasha Dolls:

Sasha dolls were the creation of Sasha Morgenthaler, a formally trianed artist who was born in 1893. She hand made Sasha dolls in her studio for many years starting in the 1940s until her death in 1975. She also licensed the rights to produce the doll to two companies (see below).

Companies That Produced Sasha Dolls:

Morgenthaler realized that the vast majority of children could not afford her expensive, handmade art dolls, so she licensed the rights to produce the dolls to the German company Gotz (who produced the dolls from 1964-1970 and then from 1995 to 2001) and the English Company Frido/Trendon Ltd., who produced the dolls from 1965 through 1986.

Material, Size and Characteristics:

The studio art Sasha dolls were made of gypsum, with either gypsum or cloth bodies. The dolls made by Gotz and Frido/Trendon Ltd. were made of vinyl with vinyl bodies. The vinyl dolls have rooted hair and set eyes. The vast majority of the dolls are 16 to 17" tall, although additional sizes including art dolls and some Frido-Trendon dolls at 19 to 20" and some 12" play dolls were made.

Prices and Secondary Market for Sasha Dolls:

The Sasha Studio dolls today often sell for many thousand dollars, especially if in excellent or mint condition. Early 1960s Gotz Sasha dolls can easily sell for several hundred dollars as can rarer Frido/Trendon dolls. Later Gotz Sasha dolls from the second period of Gotz production are much more plentiful and can often be purchased for under $200.

Marks on Sasha Dolls:

Early art dolls and many Frido/Trendon dolls are not marked (the Frido/Trendon dolls originally came with wrist tags). The early Gotz dolls are marked Sasha Serie, stamped on the head and back torso. Gotz dolls from the later production also have a Gotz mark on the back of the head.

Other Sasha Doll Characters:

Male Sasha dolls are often called Gregor, and additional characters such as Caleb, Cora and Ruth are known.

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