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Olivia Orange Liddle Kiddle

Made by Mattel, 1960s


This is a Mattel doll made of vinyl.
Olivia Orange Liddle Kiddle

Olivia Orange Liddle Kiddle

Denise Van Patten

  • Value: $30 to $50 if mint
  • Size: doll 2 inches, soda pop container 5 inches
  • Date of Production: circa 1967
  • Marks: Cannot determine marks on this Kiddle; many are marked "Mattel" and date

Characteristics of Doll

Doll's body is one-piece vinyl, with a swivel head. Eyes and features are painted First issue Liddle Kiddles (some were re-done in the 1970s) have cloth "panties." Clothes on Liddle Kiddles are not removable.


Part of the Kola Kiddles collection.. Liddle Kiddle dolls prices have escalated recently as Baby Boomers have begun to collect these childhood favorites. There are many Liddle Kiddle imitators; some are marked HONG KONG on their backs.

Market Report

Liddle Kiddles have maintained their value well over the last 5 years, but the dolls MUST be mint and complete with some accessories to bring top dollar. Dirty, played with Kiddles that are not complete have minimal value--a few dollars each at best. This particular Kiddle has turned out to be relatively common and has decreased in value somewhat during this decade.

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