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Chatty Cathy Talking Doll by Mattel

Popular 1960s Vinyl Play Doll


Chatty Cathy is a landmark talking doll produced by Mattel for the baby boomer generation. On the market from 1960-1964, Chatty was the inspiration for many later dolls.
Chatty Cathy by Mattel

Chatty Cathy by Mattel

(c) Denise Van Patten
This doll has the more desirable soft vinyl "piggy' face (as collectors call it) instead of the later hard plastic face. She comes with her original box and has a trousseau including the original red and white outfit and shoes; she is pictured here in what I think is a very close reproduction of her original pink and white dress (the doll comes with an entire trousseau and has a provenance; the mother for the child that owned this doll was an expert seamstress. This particular doll came with a first place ribbon from a 1961 doll show, and I do believe that the trousseau was exhibited with the doll.
  • Value: $300-$400 with original box, outfit and trousseau; talking
  • Size:20" tall
  • Date of Production:1960-1964
  • Marks:In box on lower back" CHATTY CATHY tm//PATENTS PENDING//(C)MCMLX//BY MATTEL, INC.//HAWTHORNE, CALIF. Under the box is a round "Mattel Toymakers" embossed seal.

Characteristics of Doll

Chatty Cathy has a talking mechanism that says phrases including "I'm hungry," "Lets play house," and "Please carry Me." The vast majority of the original talk boxes are non-working today, although some have been repaired by doll hospitals. The doll talks by pulling a ring attached to her string on back. Chatty is made of vinyl with the earlier dolls having soft vinyl faces. Chatty has freckles and sleep eyes. She can have several colors of hair, although blonde seems most prevelant.

Market Report

Chatty Cathy dolls have decreases slightly in value over the past five years or so. However, very mint and rare examples can easily bring several hundred dollars, and an original Chatty Cathy gift set can bring over $1,000. A mint doll like this with original clothing and box is still very desirable as the vast majority of these dolls have been heavily played with. Collectors also like a rare Canadian version of the doll.

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