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Dolls 1930s-1950s

Explore composition, celluloid and hard plastic dolls and all your favorites from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Shirley Temple, Patsy, Madame Alexander, Nancy Ann Storybook, American Character, Ideal, Arranbee, Vogue dolls and many others. From history to identification to collecting, you'll find it all here.
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Patsy Dolls - All About Patsy, Patsy Ann, Patsyette, Skippy and Friends
All about Patsy dolls and the numerous Patsy family dolls, including information about their start and their current place in doll collecting today.

A Large, Original Collection of 1930s Dolls and Toys
Step back in time with an amazing collection of childhood dolls and toys that have stayed together for over 75 Years!

Vintage Dolls Price Guide - Guide to Vintage Dolls From 1925 to 1959
Vintage dolls (1925 to 1959) price guide, including information, doll values and photos

Terri Lee Dolls
All about Terri Lee Dolls, including dates of production, characteristics, prices, the secondary market and general information about this popular baby boomer doll.

Shirley Temple and Other Celebrity Dolls
Shirley Temple was the first widely collected celebrity doll, but not the only one. Find out about celebrity dolls including Shirley Temple.

Doll Profile: Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls
You can't help but love little Nancy Ann Storybook dolls--they make such an adorable collection, all lined up in a neat little row! Get the full story on these perennial doll favorites.

If I Could Save Dolls In A Bottle...
The story behind an unusual Nancy Ann Storybook Look-Alike doll from the 1940s, in original glass jar packaging.

Doll Profile: Boudoir Dolls
They graced the beds of our mothers and grandmothers. Boudoir dolls were an anomaly for their time, made for grown-up girls, not children. Learn about these lovely ladies!

Betsy McCall Dolls
That charmer from McCall Magazine in the 1950s is still delighting collectors today. Learn Betsy's history in our profile on Betsy McCall dolls.

The Enduring Charm of Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls
All about Raggedy Ann and Andy and why they are still so overwhelmingly popular with collectors today.

Carolyn's Rock 'n' Roll Ginny Dolls, Ginger, Muffie
Virtual museum featuring Ginny dolls from the 1950s

Golden Rose Dolls
Outstanding site focusing on the hard plastic dolls of the late 1940s through 1950s. Great source for identification and information on lesser known doll companies.

Shirley Temple Composition Dolls
Countless photos plus information on compositon Shirley Temple dolls.

Joan's World of Dolls
Wonderful pictures of Joan's extensive collection of Shirley Temple dolls.   Active X.

Kaylee's Korner:  Collectible Dolls of the Thirties
Effanbee and Madame Alexander Composition Dolls and more!

Kaylee's Korner: Collectible Dolls of the Forties
Ann Shirleys, Toodles, McGuffy Anas, NASB, and other dolls of the Forties. 

Mary Hoyer Doll Company
Yes, it still exists!  Still family owned, but the dolls are a bit different than the traditional Mary Hoyers.

Nancy Ann Dolls: Classic bisque collector dolls
The official page of Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls, from the company with current rights to the doll.

Patsy and Friends
Information on the Modern Doll Convention, and great articles on Mary Hoyer and Sonja Henje dolls. 

Shirley Item of the Week
A site showcasing Shirley Temple Memorabilia including dolls--great Shirley graphics!

Some of My Shirley Temple Dolls
Collector named Loretta shares her Shirley Temple dolls; includes some information about the dolls.

Comics Page
Information about Sparkle Plenty, Bonnie Braids and other popular comic characters made into dolls in the 1940s.

Wonderful World of Shirley Temple Dolls
Large site devoted to all things Shirly, including dolls and paper dolls, but also much more.

Hinges and Hearts: Metal Heads and Mechanical Dols
metal head, pewter, metal doll, Minerva, Juno, Diana, mechanical dolls, Gumby, Liddle Kiddles, wire armature, Roldan, Klumpe, Ellis, Flatsy, Schoenhut

A Doll Collector's Alphabet
Doll Collecting at About.com, Ellen Tsagaris, Collectible Dolls, Antique Dolls, Ancient Dolls, Rag, Cloth, Barbie, Fashion Dolls, French, German

Doll Collector's Calendar
Part II of the Doller's calendar continues counting special days doll by doll. Use the ideas to inspire seasonal displays and to organize your collection.

Shirley Temple Tribute
Shirley Temple, beloved child star and inspiration for many dolls and collectibles died today at age 85.

Valentine Dolls
Valentine Dolls are gifts from the heart; they include Cupids, angels, Raggedy Ann, Dream Pets, Beanies, and Kamar Dolls, along with Barbies and more.

Dolls for Washington's Birthday-Emma Clear, Effanbee, More
George and Martha Washington have been reinvented as dolls by many companies, and are popular cross over collectibles with political memorabilia collectors.

Review: Official Price Guide to Dolls by Denise Van Patten
Denise Van Patten's "The Official Price Guide to Dolls" is the most comprehensive digest of doll collecting in the annals of doll price guides.

The Japanese Doll Festival

Hinges and Hearts: A Group Written Doll Poem
Here is what happens when a group of doll lovers get together to help your guide brainstorm a poem; read on, inspired by Hinges, Hearts, and Metal Dolls.

My Three Collections
My Doll Collection ranges from The Sublime to the Ridiculous; all are my Favorites! From French Bisque to Kleenex, dolls make up three branches of one lifelong collection.

Dolls on Kindle, Part II
Part II showing a sample of books on dolls and toys from my Kindle library.

Dolls and Louisa May Alcott
Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" not only has inspired doll artists since its publication, it also features dolls and doll making.

China Heads II
Part II of a history of various types of china headed dolls.

Of Dolls and Murder

Review: Vintage Rose Antiques
Antique shop features dolls and doll related items for collectors in several venues.

Profile: The King of Dolls by Ljeposlav Perinic (1922-2005)
This amazing, unique collection once graced the Worlds Far, Exp0 '67

More Jumeau
Jumeau has been called the prince of the French Dollmakers

Dolls are Where they Want you to Find Them
In order to find unusual dolls, you have to think outside of the dollhouse. Here are some of my recent finds.

Brief Update to Noel Barrett's Flora Gill Jacobs Auction

Theriault's May 5th Auction; 3 Days Left to Bid!
This is a quick announcements re the 3 days left to bid for this auction.

June 9th Rendevous Theriault's

Tonner Salutes GWTHW
An iconic film turns 75, and an iconic doll maker holds a convention to celebrate.

Ford Rotunda Doll Display

2 More Rendeszvous Auctions for June and Pensive Poppet Thoughts
2 more Monday Night Auctions at Theriault's and sundry items of interest for doll collectors.

Doll Stories from Readers, I
The first in a series of stories by our readers talking about their favorite dolls and doll collection memories.

Review: The Golden Age of Collectible Dolls
A wonderful book by a noted author and collector, this study is a feast for the eyes as well, and discuss beloved Baby Boomer toys.

Still More About Johl

Madame Alexander: What's New for 2014

Kewpie Dolls: An Update
The Down and Dirty of collecting Kewpie dolls and all related collectibles, still popular after 100 years. Kewpies are art and suffragette history.

Knickerbocker Toy Co.,Inc. v. St. James Doll Creations
Dolls in court, a public domain case involving dolls and toys, and the business of selling and manufacturing them.

The Samuel Pryor Doll Collection
What do former Pan Am Vice President Sam Pryor, Charles Lindbergh, and doll collecting have in common? Keep reading to find out!

Review: Who Won Second Place at Omaha? A Journey
Aunt Len's Doll and Toy Museum was a fixture in Harlem for many years, and boasted a collection of thousands of unique dolls living in eclectic bliss,

Huret and Rohmer II
In a world of toy business dominated by men, two amazing women who were "rivals to the vapored end," created the rolls royce of French Fashion Dolls.

Partial Price Guide and Inventory of a Modern Doll Collection
A modern collection analyzed and notes for disposing of large collections

Kachina dolls are Native American dolls carved primarily by the Hopi from cottonwood root. They play an integral role in Hopi tradition and while not toys, are important to children.

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