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Raggedy Ann and Andy


Georgene Silsby Raggedy Ann.

Georgene Silsby Raggedy Ann With Vertical Striped Legs

Denise Van Patten

Raggedy Ann and Andy -Years of Production:

1918 through today.

Sizes of Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls:

From miniature (under 6") to 48" and up. Raggedy Ann and Andy have been created in nearly every size imaginable. However, classic, standard sizes of the dolls are from 15" to 18".



Companies That Have Produced Raggedy Ann and Andy:

Companies that have produced Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls have included Volland (1915-early 1930s) Molly-'es (1935-1938), Georgene (1938-1963) Knickerbocker (1962 to 1982) and modern companies including Applause, Playskool and Hasbro.

More About Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls:

These huggable, loveable dolls have been delighting children (and collectors) for over 80 years! They generally have yarn hair and button or sewn eyes and sewn or embroidered features. Raggedy Ann out-sells Raggedy Andy, since the dolls are not always purchased in pairs. The dolls were created by Johnny Gruelle (b. 1880) who also authored a series of books about Raggedy Ann and Andy, starting with "Raggedy Ann's Stories" in 1918.
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