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Reflections on Fashion: UFDC National Doll Convention 2005, Report and Photos


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Convention Souvenirs from Doll Convention Events
Reflections on Fashion: UFDC National Doll Convention 2005, Report and Photos

Ginny Souvenir at Vogue Doll Event, UFDC Convention

Denise Van Patten. with permission of the UFDC, c. 2005

Ginny Doll Gift Set, The Souvenir From The Kiss and Make Up Vogue Luncheon

This Ginny doll and gift set is a limited edition of 210 dolls made exclusively for the "Kiss and Make Up" luncheon at the UFDC National Convention in Philadelphia. The doll comes in a heart-shaped box, and on the inside top of the box is an additional outfit--a wedding gown with veil and straw headpiece, garter, shoes, pearls and bouquet.

This Ginny is an example of the elaborate and highly coveted special limited edition dolls which are created as souvenirs for ticketed special events at convention--usually, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, teas and evening parties. Generally the events are hard to get tickets for, and drawings are held prior to convention for all events which have more ticket requests than seats available.

For doll collectors which believe that UFDC conventions are just for antique doll collectors, a quick look at the companies which put on UFDC special events in 2005 would quickly dispel this--including Maggie Iacono, Helen Kish, Vogue, Madame Alexander, and Robert Tonner.

Besides the main favor, table hostesses often provide additional favors, and there is generally a program at the event--sometimes an actor (such as an actress as Betsy Ross at the Betsy Ross luncheon which featured a trio of tiny dolls by artist Rosemary Snyder), sometimes, music, sometimes a slide show, sometimes a lecture.

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