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Top 10 Ways To Decorate For Christmas Using Dolls


There is one time of the year that dolls are completely at home in any type of home decor from country to modern, and that time is Christmas. Put a Christmas tree in a room with some dolls, and those dolls shine. There are many great ways to beautifully decorate your homes with dolls at Christmas time. Here are my favorite doll decorating ideas.

1. Set Dolls Under The Christmas Tree

Set a few dolls and bears under a Christmas tree with wrapped presents and you can transform your tree from blah to beautiful! My favorite dolls to put under a Christmas tree are dolls that are dressed as Christmas dolls in reds and greens. Antique bisque baby dolls and dolly faced dolls also look great under a tree, especially if your home decor is more traditional. Finally, mix in a few bears, and a rocking horse and you've got your own version of toy land at home!

2. Perch Dolls In The Christmas Tree

Small dolls can sit perfectly in tree branches, especially the stiff branches of artificial trees. Have a tiny Raggedy Ann sitting in the branches, or perhaps a small porcelain doll under 6" tall. For more impact, arrange several of the same type of doll all over the tree. Dolls that can be arranged in a sitting position work best for this.

3. Put Dolls Around The Room For A Cozy Look

Your dolls don't have to be relegated to just under the tree. A larger vinyl or porcelain doll dressed in frilly clothes can be at home in an old rocking chair. Add Christmas-themed dolls to your mantelpiece for a fun look. You might even sit a baby doll in the corner by your tree in an old wooden family high chair.

4. Find A Doll-Sized Tree and Set Properly Scaled Dolls Around It

If your taste tends towards fashion dolls, including Barbie, Bratz, Gene, Tyler, or Alex, you might want to place these wonderfully scaled dolls and their accessories around a Christmas tree set up in scale for them! Its easy to find the appropriately sized tree at any Michael's or craft-oriented store. Tiny ornaments are also easy to find--I'm partial to the small, detailed miniature Hallmark ornaments, but other companies including Kurt Adler make great, small ornaments, glass balls and even tiny beaded garlands. Dress your dolls for the winter holidays, put them around the tree and you are all set!

5. Use Doll-Themed Christmas Ornaments

Over the years, many Christmas ornaments have been made which are dolls, or which celebrate dolls. Most department stores have small, porcelain doll ornaments. Hallmark has made Barbie Christmas ornaments for many years. Midwest and similar companies often have miniature antique doll Christmas ornaments. If you are decorating a real tree, actual doll ornaments can often work better than sitting small dolls in the tree boughs.

6. On Christmas Morning, Set Up A Doll Tea Party With The New Dolls!

Its easy to wrap a doll box and stick it under the tree. If you are giving your little (or big) girl a doll this Christmas, you can set up a beautiful display on Christmas Eve to delight her on Christmas morning! For instance, if you are giving your daughter an American Girl doll, find a doll-sized table and chair and set her up at her own tea party with a bear under the tree! You can set up a Barbie or Bratz ready to drive out from under the tree in her own Barbie or Bratz car. Don't forget to take pictures of your display and your child's smile when she sees the doll under the tree on Christmas morning!

7. Have Dolls Peeking Out Of Stockings

Empty stockings are so....empty. Jazz up the Christmas stockings at your house while waiting for the big day by having a doll peeking out the top! Marie Osmond dolls even produced two stockings that come with their own doll this year, the Merry Christmas Stocking Girl and Stocking Boy. of course, you can also top off your filled stocking on Christmas morning with a little doll or bear peeking out of the top.

8. Use Small, Craft Sized-Dolls To Highlight a Toy-Themed Wreath

Many people craft their own specialty-themed wreath for Christmas, and its easy and fun to make a doll and toy themed wreath. All you need is a real or artificial wreath, some florist wire, floral picks, a wire cutter and little dolls and toys. Just snuggly tie the small dolls and toys on the wreath, add a few floral picks, and you are ready to go! If you are using dolls in your decorating this year, your doll-themed wreath will look great over your mantelpiece.

9. Use Props With Your Dolls

Props used along with your dolls will improve the looks of your display. For instance, you can set some vintage or antique dolls in an old wicker doll stroller near your tree. Set a doll on a doll-sized rocking horse under the tree. Or, don't wait to set up that doll-sized tea party till Christmas morning. Doll-sized tea sets are relatively easy to find, and a doll-sized tea party will bring smiles to the faces of all your visitors this holiday season.

10. Don't Forget To Use Some Bears, Too!

Don't overlook mixing teddy bears in with your holiday decorating. Teddy bears, especially traditionally sewn ones with jointing help add to the holiday mood under the Christmas tree with you dolls, on the boughs of your Christmas tree, or at your doll tea party. <p> I hope you enjoy incorporating some of these ideas in your Christmas decorating this year.
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