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Doll Collecting Guide: Information for Doll Collectors

Everything you need to know to collect dolls. All about buying and finding dolls, auctions, restoration and repair, doll clubs, conventions, events, books, magazines, organizing your collection, doll photography, and the hobby of doll collecting in general.
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  7. Dollmaking and Costuming (114)
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What can a doll collector do during the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?
Suggestions on places to go and things to do for doll collectors during the Summer, including conventions, trips, projects and more!

Dolls, Collecting, and Popular Culture
How Television Shows like My Crazy Obsession, Pawn Stars, and Storage Wars Help Create Societal Views on Dolls, Doll Collectors and Collecting

Doll Collecting and Arthritis
Strategies and Products That Will Help You Cope if You Collect Dolls and Have Arthritis--Or Know Someone Who Does

Huguette Clark - Heiress, Mystery, Doll Collector
Hugette Clark was a Serious Doll Collector - Why I Dislike The Media's Treatment og Her as a Doll Collector

Top Reasons To Not Smoke Around Your Dolls
Recently, a family brought a beautiful collection of vintage Barbie dolls and clothing for me to purchase. They had described how mint the items were over the phone (never played with!) and I was very excited to see the collection. Unfortnately, as soon as the family walked in the door, I became anxious...I could smell that they were smokers. And then they opened up the doll case, and I was sadde…

What Will Happen To Your Doll Collection When You Are Gone?
What will happen to your doll collection when you are gone? - Considering options.

Most Important Things for Doll Collectors to Know About the 2009 Fall…
Whenever eBay changes their rules, features and policies. they reverberate through the ranks of doll collectors that both buy and sell on eBay. The Fall 2009 changes will impact everyone tradking dolls on eBay. Here are some of the most important things you need to know about the Fall 2009 release.

Ten Ways To Collect Dolls In a Down Economy
Collecting dolls doesn't have to be an activity that breaks the bank! Here are 10 ways to enjoy collecting dolls even when the economy is down.

Doll Collecting 101- A Complete Guide to Doll Collecting
A complete guide to collecting dolls, from antique to modern. How to identify and value dolls, what to look for when buying dolls, how to preserve and take care of dolls, and much more.

New Year Resolutions for Doll Collectors.
New Year Resolutions that every doll collector should make.

Ways To Decorate For Christmas Using Dolls
There is no better time of the year to display dolls than during Christmas. Here are my favorite ways to decorate your home for Christmas using dolls.

What's Wrong With Pinkitis?
What's Wrong With Pinkitis? Why it is OK to embrace your inner girl and love all things pink.

eBay Stores: The New Fee Increases Are Now in Effect
The new, higher eBay Stores increases now in effect, and sellers are still angry.

The Garage Sales Hunt for Dolls - 2006
How eBay Has Changed Hunting For Dolls at Garage Sales

Top 10 Tips For Great Doll Photography
10 tips to make your doll photographs shine.

You Know You're A Serious Doll Collector When....
This hilarious humour section takes a look at some of things that make us KNOW when we've got the doll collecting bug...and we've got it bad! You will be ROTFWL (Rolling On The Floor With Laughter....)

How To Collect Dolls
Where to find dolls, and how and why to collect them--helpful hints for new and old collectors. From your About.com Guide.

The Garage Sale Hunt
It's still possible to find wonderful dolls at garage sales--find out all the tricks of experienced doll hunters! From your About.com Guide.

Moving Your Dolls
Your dolls are here.  You need to be there.  Now what?  Tips for moving, packing, and traveling with dolls. From your About.com Guide.

Tips For Attending Live Doll Auctions
My tips for surviving doll auctions and going home with the dolls you want. From your About.com Guide.

Local Auctions: Dusty, Disorganized Fun!
They're dusty, disorganized, and fun!  Learn what type of doll treasures you can find for your collection AND for your  dollmaking at local auctions! From your About.com Guide.

Doll Photography I: Cameras and Scanners
You want to share your doll collection with the world!  Learn about photographing dolls (especially for the Internet) here.  From your About.com Guide.

Doll Magazine Roundup
It's a jungle out there--a jungle of almost 20 doll magazines published in the USA!   Find your way through the jungle here.  From your About.com Guide.

Buying And Selling Dolls Online
Valuable advice on how to protect yourself when buying and selling dolls (or anything!) on the Internet.  From your About.com Guide.

The About.com Dolls Forum
Our active online doll community--separate areas for Barbie, Doll Collecting, Doll Identification, Dollmaking and collector introductions.

Doll Photography II:  Doll Details
Our series continues with information on how to get pictures of those tiny doll details, doll marks, and small dolls that can be difficult to capture.  Learn my secrets here.   From your About.com Guide.

Doll  Photography III:  Lighting and Backgrounds
More on doll photography--how to light your dolls, what backgrounds to use, and other tips and tricks to make your doll photos shine!  From your About.com Guide.

Doll Photography IV:  Software for Photos on the Internet
The final article in the Doll Photography series concentrates on photo editing software to help you get YOUR dolls on the Internet.  From your About.com Guide.

NRFB Dolls:  Necessary Evil or Overkill?
Vintage and Modern Play Dolls:  must they be kept NRFB?  From your About.com Guide.

Collection Explorer Software
Software that helps you organize your doll collection with your computer for $42. Cannot order the software online.

The Kristana Spa Confidential
One of the few doll collecting blogs on the Internet.

Celebrated Author Anne Rice Discusses Her Doll Collection And…
Author Anne Rice discusses her doll collection and her reasons for selling her doll collection at auction through Theriault's.

Tips and Tricks for Revitalizing Doll Displays
By using a little imagination and a little time, and very little money (if any!) you can quickly fix dull doll displays.

A Doll Collector's Alphabet
Doll Collecting at About.com, Ellen Tsagaris, Collectible Dolls, Antique Dolls, Ancient Dolls, Rag, Cloth, Barbie, Fashion Dolls, French, German

Estate Dolls
estate, Ningyo, hina matsuri, Japanese dolls, Danbury mint, porcelain dolls 1980s, vinyl, estate sales, storage, museums, thrift shops

Fabulous Fragments
art dolls, doll shards, art from found objects, Mary Hillier Dolls and Dollmakers, Joseph Cornell, Bebe Marie, misfit dolls, paper dolls, mixed media, shadowbox, damaged dolls

Sherman Smith, Artist and Whittler
This is a piece about a talented doll artist and woodcarver who has gained posthumous admiration for his remarkable dolls.

The Doll Collector's Calendar

Doll Collector's Calendar
Part II of the Doller's calendar continues counting special days doll by doll. Use the ideas to inspire seasonal displays and to organize your collection.

Cross Collectible and Dolls
Eleanor St. George who wrote "Old Dolls" observed that doll collectors often have multiple hobby interests. Therefore, we collect items related to our dolls, or cross-collectibles.

Monster High Dolls
Monster High dolls are sister dolls to Barbie, but are surpassing her in popularity. The hauntingly chic teenaged dolls have inspired an entire collection of spinoff products and promotions.

Shirley Temple Tribute
Shirley Temple, beloved child star and inspiration for many dolls and collectibles died today at age 85.

Lincoln Dolls
brain babies, jack the doll, milliners model, porcelain, peggy nisbet, unique designs, Lincoln dolls, flat top china head, china head, Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln, Zouave, sanitary fair, Willie and Tad Lincoln, bobble head, bobble head John Wilkes Booth

More about Frozen Charlottes
All miniatures are fascinating, miniature dolls particularly so. They delight little girls because they can fit into a pocket, or purse, live in a matchbox, dress in scraps of ribbon, and be companions 24/7. Tiny figures date back through antiquity, but the 19th century dolls known as Frozen Charlottes are among the most popular miniature dolls ever made.

Valentine Dolls
Valentine Dolls are gifts from the heart; they include Cupids, angels, Raggedy Ann, Dream Pets, Beanies, and Kamar Dolls, along with Barbies and more.

The Vampyre Doll Collector
This is a poem about being able to collect dolls forever.

Uncanny Dolls
Dolls that are too realistic often attract attention from the scientific, medical, and psychological communities.

Dolls for Washington's Birthday-Emma Clear, Effanbee, More
George and Martha Washington have been reinvented as dolls by many companies, and are popular cross over collectibles with political memorabilia collectors.

Review: Official Price Guide to Dolls by Denise Van Patten
Denise Van Patten's "The Official Price Guide to Dolls" is the most comprehensive digest of doll collecting in the annals of doll price guides.

Review: SIS International Fair Trade Store
Lovers of folk dolls and folk art will be awed and inspired by the wonderful selection at SIS Fair Trade, centrally located with generous hours of business so everyone can visit. The scents of coffee, chocolate and incense gently waft through the air as you shop an amazing selection of international merchandise that includes many types of dolls, toys, figurines, puppets, and miniatures.

The Japanese Doll Festival

Doll Collecting and Contemporary Culture
Today, doll collecting in all its aspects is attracting publicity in social media, popular culture and American Society.

Hinges and Hearts: A Group Written Doll Poem
Here is what happens when a group of doll lovers get together to help your guide brainstorm a poem; read on, inspired by Hinges, Hearts, and Metal Dolls.

Dolls Are Where you Find Them
Update of "Where to find Dolls," this article includes some unusual places to find dolls

Stiches in Time; More on Cloth Dolls
Rag dolls reflect stitches in time that could tell the world's history, beginning with a Roman Rag doll that is over 2000 years old. Cloth dolls rule!

Doll Books on Kindle Part I

Review: Creepy A** Dolls
This book is a tongue-in-cheek look at antique and collectible dolls, capitalizing on the "haunted doll" fad.

King and Rice; Tommknockers and Interview with the Vampire
Scary films and novels inspire dolls and collectibles

Dolls on Kindle, Part II
Part II showing a sample of books on dolls and toys from my Kindle library.

Dolls and Louisa May Alcott
Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" not only has inspired doll artists since its publication, it also features dolls and doll making.

China Heads II
Part II of a history of various types of china headed dolls.

Review: "Empty Mansions."
Read the mysterious story of one of the wealthiest, most reclusive doll collectors to ever live, Huguette Clark, daughter of the copper king.

Intensity by Dean Koontz
Dean Koontz's "Intensity" spawned a TV movie that used dolls as props in a sinister plot.

More about Paper Dolls

Living Dollls

Theriault's Steim Am Rhein Museum Auction
The legendary museum finally gives up its secrets; The Stein Am Rhein auction.

Review: Abernathy's

Ritual Figures, Relgious Figures, Holiday Dolls

Noel Barrett Auctions Flora Gil Jacobs Personal Collection
Doll, miniature, doll house, toy auction of a legendary collection immortalized once in a books and a museum.

Toy Soldiers
Comprehensive history of toy soldiers as they relate to dolls, play, history, and literature,

The Six Millioon Dollar Doll--Almost
The most expensive doll figure in the world to date is also an ancient one. Move over Thundercats!

The Doll Files
Documenting your doll collection and preserving ephemera creates an interesting side collection.

Dolls for Haitian School L'Allemand
Children make rag dolls for poor school kids in Haiti.

Update of Some Doll Reading, originally by Your Former Guide
Denise's earlier articles provide a plethora of doll collecting information; here are some updates to follow.

Of Dolls and Murder

Review: Vintage Rose Antiques
Antique shop features dolls and doll related items for collectors in several venues.

Review: Eagle Estate Brokers [EEB] Flea Market
Indoor Flea Market with a Historic Past with unlimited doll hunting opportunities

Profile: The King of Dolls by Ljeposlav Perinic (1922-2005)
This amazing, unique collection once graced the Worlds Far, Exp0 '67

Precolumbian Idols and Dolls: Gold
Idols and dolls of many type existed in ancient America, as toys, art, precious gold/silver objects, and religious statues.

More on Bru
More on this amazing doll of the antique world

More Jumeau
Jumeau has been called the prince of the French Dollmakers

So, You Want to Write a Doll Book?
metal dolls, doll books, authors, doll magazines, research

Part II; So, You Want to Write a Doll Book?
with love from tin lizzie, Schoenhut, bru, metal doll, doll files

Part IV: So you Want to Write a Doll Book? Keep Reading!
Writing books about dolls, my passion, is as satisfying as collecting the dolls . The research alone is an intellectual journey of a lifetime.

Review: A Study of Dolls by G. Stanley Hall (1897)
Review of an early doll book by G. Stanley Hall.

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