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Buying and Selling Dolls, including Doll Price Guides and Doll Reviews


Buying and selling dolls is the heart of doll collecting. Even if you only have a few dolls in your attic, you need to know if you have trash (common play dolls you can donate to goodwill) or treasure (certain vintage and antique dolls can be worth thousands!). We'll help you buy, sell, identify and price your dolls with doll price guides, doll reviews, information on how to buy and sell dolls at shops, shows, auctions and on eBay, and much more.
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Doll Price Guides

French Antique Dolls

Our online doll price guides include current doll values, plus photos and information to help you identify your dolls from antique to modern. Find our about dates of doll production, which doll markets are hot, and how to build great collections of many popular types of dolls.

Buying Dolls

Dolls at a Doll Show

Buying doll is easy...but buying dolls smart is hard. It's easy to find dolls online or at doll shows or doll shops. But, you need to be an educated doll buyer--are you paying the correct price for your doll? What about the condition of your doll--is it an original or reproduction? Is it being sold with the right outift and accessories? We'll teach you the fine are of bying dolls, including some tips and tricks from the pros!

Selling Dolls

Vintage Vogue Dolls for Sale

Perhaps you have inherited dolls from a mother or grandmother, and you need to sell them. Or, perhaps, like most collectors, you are constantly selling dolls in your collection so you can keep upgrading and refining your collection. We'll make sure you have the information you need to sell your dolls at the proper venue and we'll help you get the best prices.

Doll Reviews

Reviews of dolls to help you make smart buying decisions. You'll find reviews of modern play and collector dolls here.

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