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Buying Dolls

How to buy dolls, stories about buying dolls, places to buy dolls and more.
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A Humorous Look At Doll Condition
A funny look at types of doll condition from "dog chew toy" to "jackpot!". You'll learn all types of doll condition from poor to NRFB.

Where Have All The Doll Stores Gone?
Doll Stores are closing everywhere...why is this happening and how will it effect doll collecting?

eBay Decides To Charge Final Value Fees on Shipping - How Will This Affect...
eBay Decides To Charge Final Value Fees on Shipping - How will this affect your doll sales and purchases?

The Latest Round of eBay Changes 2008 --What Do They Mean For Doll Collectors?
What do the latest round of eBay changes in 2008 mean for buyers and sellers?

Doll or Video Game: Which Should I Give For Christmas?
Doll or Video Game: which gift should I give for Christmas?

The Tragedy Of FAO Schwarz and Other Sad Doll Retail Realities
What would buying dolls be like in a world of only Wal Marts and no FAO Schwarz?

The Ups and Downs Of Buying Doll Collections
My wild advernures purchasing a local doll collection.

Dolls Are Where you Find Them
Update of "Where to find Dolls," this article includes some unusual places to find dolls

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