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Bride Dolls from Antique to Modern

All about bride dolls, antique to modern. Also, the history of bridal costumes for dollmakers and costumers.

135 Years of Wedding Fashions
Article from the Salisbury Post which gives a brief history of wedding fashions in conjunction with a museum exhibit at the Mint Museum of Art.

Antique German Dollhouse Dolls Wedding Party
Full set of antique German dollhouse dolls dressed for a wedding party, in original costumes. From About.com.

Barbie® & Ken®'s Filipiñana Wedding
Good information including historical background on these very limited dolls.

Bride Dolls and Figurines from Enchanted Fantasies
Several styles of bride dolls available, including cake topper-dolls that resemble the bride and groom.

Bridal Gown Patterns For Dolls
Various patterns for bridal gowns for several sizes of doll. From Designs by Judi.

Four Knitting Patterns from the Victorian Era
Knit a Victorian bride or bridesmaid outfit for your porcelain doll with the patterns available at Dolly Knits.

Gulden and Brown Antique and Vintage Wedding Gowns
A must-visit site for all dollmakers and doll costumers. Detailed information and fantastic photos of many eras of wedding gowns. Don't miss the outstanding vintage photos of brides.

Joan's Bisque BeBes
Miniature bride dolls from artist Joan Benzell. Collectors and brides can order a doll wearing a miniature wedding dress which looks just like their actual wedding dress.

Lianna's Paper Dolls Boutique
Paper dolls and outfits for every aspect of a wedding, bride, grooms, and formal wear for guests.

People of India: Brides and Bride Grooms
Handmade cloth dolls wearingthe costumes of Indian Brides and Bridegrooms from various regions of India.

Princess Diana and Princess Sarah Bride Dolls
Photos and some information on the Danbury Mint and Franklin Mint royal Bride dolls.

Storing Wedding Gowns and Textile Heirlooms
In-depth article on storing wedding gowns which is applicable to delicate doll wedding gowns as well as most vintage doll outfits.

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