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Collectible Barbie Dolls at Toy Fair 2005


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Caroline Herrera Bride Barbie Doll
Carolina Herrera Bride Barbie

Carolina Herrera Bride Barbie

Denise Van Patten

Caroline Herrera Barbie Doll: Sleek Lines, An Elegant Style

Barbie has been a bride so many times, she way outdoes Liz Taylor for total number of marriages! Many times, Barbie has been a very frou frou bride--dripping in laces and beading and ruffles. This time, however, Barbie doll is dressed in a very elegant Caroline Herrera bridal gown, with lovely, simple lines. She has two-toned hair, also in a simple coiffure, which is perfect for this wedding gown. This doll is due in stores in June, 2005.

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