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Armand Marseille Googly 323

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This Armand Marseille Googly is from the 323 mold. For such Googlies standing 5 to 7 inches tall, value is between $500 and $700.
Armand Marseille Googly 323

Armand Marseille Googly 323

Denise Van Patten
Price is for this Googly with an original body (usully a somewhat crude composition or paper mache 5 piece body) and appropriate clothing. Original clothing may add to the price. Bisque should be of good quality. Although this is one of the most common Googly molds, the value is still high because Googly dolls are highly sought after. Doll is from approximately 1920. Dolls are wigged, with glass eyes. Googly (also spelled Googlie) designates a doll with round, side-glancing eyes.

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