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Antique Dolls 1800s-1920s

Everything from the earliest Queen Annes to the French and German bisques to early composition dolls. Bru, Jumeau, Kestner, Simon & Halbig, chinda dolls, wax, wood, all-bisques, french fashion dolls and more. From history to identification to collecting, you'll find it all here.
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Antique Dolls Price Guide
Antique dolls price guide, including information, doll values and photos.

Top Five French Antique Doll Brands
Top Five French Antique Doll Brands for Porcelain Dolls

Top Five German Antique Doll Brands
Top Five German Antique Doll Brands for Porcelain Dolls

What Types of Damage Can Be Found on Antique Bisque Dolls?
What types of damage can occur on an antique bisque doll? Which types of damage are more serious, and can they affect the value of an antique bisque doll?

Free Dolls Clip Art!
Free Dolls Clip Art of special interest to Antique Doll Collectors!  Topics include dolls, victoriana, vintage advertising, antique photos, animals, sewing, and more!   From your Guide.

Buying Damaged Antique Dolls: Is It Ever a Good Idea?
A look at whether or not you should ever consider buying a damaged antique doll.

Top 10 Antique Dolls on a Budget
Antique dolls can be intimidating and overwhelming. Our list of the top 10 antique dolls for collectors on a budget will show you some great antique dolls that won't break the bank.

New World Record Price For Doll Set At Theriault Auction - $263,000
Albert Marque doll sells for world recorde price of $263,000.

Doll Profile: China Dolls
Glazed, pale and lovely, china dolls are one of the most common antique dolls encountered. Popular with children in the 1800s, they are very popular with collectors today. Get an overview of antique China Dolls.

Doll Profile: Half Dolls
Half dolls are very confusing to many collectors because of the endless varieties produced, as well as the widely varying quality of the dolls. Learn their history and how to tell the good from the bad in our profile on antique Half Dolls.

Kewpie Dolls Price Guide and Photo Gallery
Kewpie Dolls Price Guide and Photo Gallery.

R. Viola Doll Company, New York, New York 1917 to 1925
New Information on the R. Viola Doll Company, New York, New York 1917 to 1925

Photos of the Viola Doll Factory, New York, 1917-1926
Photos of the Viola Doll Factory, New York, 1917-1926

Antique Doll Competition at 2008 UFDC National Convention in Las Vegas
Photo Gallery of antique dolls featured at the antique doll competition at the 2008 UFDC National Doll Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada

Puppen & Spielzeug Doll and Toy Museum Is Auctioned Off in California
The contents of the Puppen & Spielzeug Doll Museum of Vienna are auctioned off by Theriault's.

The Antique Dolls, Dollhouses and Toys from the LEGO Museum
The Theriault's auction of the antique dolls, dollhouses and toys from the LEGO museum

Antique Dolls and Toys From the LEGO Museum To Be Sold at Auction This Weekend
The antique dolls and toys from the LEGO Museum in Denmark will be sold in the United States at auction.

10 Things You Should Inspect When Buying an Antique Doll
10 Things You Should Inspect When Buying an Antique Bisque Doll

Antique and Vintage Dolls Start Page
Your special guide to ALL the antique and vintage doll resources on this site--start HERE to find everything you'll need!

Mystery Antique Dolls of the 1800s
Meet some mysterious antique dolls from the 19th Century. These dolls have unusual appeal! Don't miss the UPDATE which has one mystery SOLVED!

History of Antique Dolls II
From china dolls, through German and French Bisque dolls.  From your About.com Guide.

Restoration and Conservation of Dolls
Seven articles on conserving and restoring dolls and their costumes, with a special focus on antique and vintage dolls. Includes lists of restoration supply suppliers and an extensive bibliography.

Antique Doll Price Guide
Includes beautiful photos and ample information about each doll. Browse by photos or text index. Updated frequently. From your Guide.

Antique and Vintage Doll Terminology
All the lingo and terms you need to sound like an antique doll collecting old-timer. From your Guide

How To Get The Best Prices For Your Dolls on eBay
Whether you are selling a whole collection or just a few dolls from your grandmother's attic, here is how to get the best prices when selling your dolls on eBay.

History of Antique Dolls I
From wood dolls to china dolls.   From your About.com Guide.

Dolls of The Century
My picks for the most important and influential dolls of the 20th Century.  From your About.com Guide.

Antique  Doll Collecting:  Primer For Novices
New to antique doll collecting?  Here is information on where to find antique dolls, and what to look for.  From your About.com Guide.

Holiday Decorating with Antique Dolls
Using antique dolls in your holiday decorating; have a Victorian Christmas!  From your About.com Guide.

Antique Miniatures and Miniature Dolls
The history of miniature dolls and miniatures, and the history of the 1" to 1' scale.    From your About.com Guide.

Theriault's Auction Weekend
Extensive coverage of the January 2000 event--the main auction, the All-Bisque auction, the French Folklore auction,  photo albums and more.  From your Guide.

An in-depth look at the first antique dolls which talked or played music.

2009 DOTY Industry Choice Award Winners
The 2009 Doll of the Year Industry Choice award winners, announced at IDEX.

Hinges and Hearts: Metal Heads and Mechanical Dols
metal head, pewter, metal doll, Minerva, Juno, Diana, mechanical dolls, Gumby, Liddle Kiddles, wire armature, Roldan, Klumpe, Ellis, Flatsy, Schoenhut

A Doll Collector's Alphabet
Doll Collecting at About.com, Ellen Tsagaris, Collectible Dolls, Antique Dolls, Ancient Dolls, Rag, Cloth, Barbie, Fashion Dolls, French, German

Fabulous Fragments
art dolls, doll shards, art from found objects, Mary Hillier Dolls and Dollmakers, Joseph Cornell, Bebe Marie, misfit dolls, paper dolls, mixed media, shadowbox, damaged dolls

Sherman Smith, Artist and Whittler
This is a piece about a talented doll artist and woodcarver who has gained posthumous admiration for his remarkable dolls.

Doll Collector's Calendar
Part II of the Doller's calendar continues counting special days doll by doll. Use the ideas to inspire seasonal displays and to organize your collection.


Lincoln Dolls
brain babies, jack the doll, milliners model, porcelain, peggy nisbet, unique designs, Lincoln dolls, flat top china head, china head, Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln, Zouave, sanitary fair, Willie and Tad Lincoln, bobble head, bobble head John Wilkes Booth

Valentine Dolls
Valentine Dolls are gifts from the heart; they include Cupids, angels, Raggedy Ann, Dream Pets, Beanies, and Kamar Dolls, along with Barbies and more.

Uncanny Dolls
Dolls that are too realistic often attract attention from the scientific, medical, and psychological communities.

Dolls for Washington's Birthday-Emma Clear, Effanbee, More
George and Martha Washington have been reinvented as dolls by many companies, and are popular cross over collectibles with political memorabilia collectors.

Review: Official Price Guide to Dolls by Denise Van Patten
Denise Van Patten's "The Official Price Guide to Dolls" is the most comprehensive digest of doll collecting in the annals of doll price guides.

The Japanese Doll Festival

Hinges and Hearts: A Group Written Doll Poem
Here is what happens when a group of doll lovers get together to help your guide brainstorm a poem; read on, inspired by Hinges, Hearts, and Metal Dolls.

My Three Collections
My Doll Collection ranges from The Sublime to the Ridiculous; all are my Favorites! From French Bisque to Kleenex, dolls make up three branches of one lifelong collection.

Stiches in Time; More on Cloth Dolls
Rag dolls reflect stitches in time that could tell the world's history, beginning with a Roman Rag doll that is over 2000 years old. Cloth dolls rule!

Doll Books on Kindle Part I

Review: Creepy A** Dolls
This book is a tongue-in-cheek look at antique and collectible dolls, capitalizing on the "haunted doll" fad.

King and Rice; Tommknockers and Interview with the Vampire
Scary films and novels inspire dolls and collectibles

Dolls and Louisa May Alcott
Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" not only has inspired doll artists since its publication, it also features dolls and doll making.

China Heads II
Part II of a history of various types of china headed dolls.

More About China Dolls
This first of three articles about china heads discusses the earliest known Venus ceramic figure through modern examples made in the 1960a.

Review: "Empty Mansions."
Read the mysterious story of one of the wealthiest, most reclusive doll collectors to ever live, Huguette Clark, daughter of the copper king.

China Heads III

Theriault's Steim Am Rhein Museum Auction
The legendary museum finally gives up its secrets; The Stein Am Rhein auction.

Noel Barrett Auctions Flora Gil Jacobs Personal Collection
Doll, miniature, doll house, toy auction of a legendary collection immortalized once in a books and a museum.

Update of Some Doll Reading, originally by Your Former Guide
Denise's earlier articles provide a plethora of doll collecting information; here are some updates to follow.

Of Dolls and Murder

Marque Sells for $300,00.00

Review: Vintage Rose Antiques
Antique shop features dolls and doll related items for collectors in several venues.

Profile: The King of Dolls by Ljeposlav Perinic (1922-2005)
This amazing, unique collection once graced the Worlds Far, Exp0 '67

More on Bru
More on this amazing doll of the antique world

More Jumeau
Jumeau has been called the prince of the French Dollmakers

So, You Want to Write a Doll Book?
metal dolls, doll books, authors, doll magazines, research

Review: A Study of Dolls by G. Stanley Hall (1897)
Review of an early doll book by G. Stanley Hall.

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