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Did you know that the doll collecting hobby has 15 magazines readily available on USA newsstands?

Did you know that the doll collecting and dollmaking hobbies have more magazines on newsstands today than any other hobby except gardening and scrapbooking? There are currently 17magazines available in the USA, most either monthly or bimonthly. If you are a long-time dollmaker or collector, chances are you subscribe to some of them, but don't know much about what the others are about. If you are new to the hobby, you may be overwhelmed! The following summaries (and web sites, where available) will help you sort them out. I have included some international doll magazines as well, so that the total number of doll magazines covered below is 15.


Several years ago, the doll magazines were more specialized--for instance, Contemporary Doll magazine only covered modern art dolls, and Dolls magazine was the place for modern manufactured dolls. Now, the magazines have ALL broadened there coverage, so that there is cross-over coverage of many areas of doll collecting and doll making in each magazine. Contemporary Doll Collector (formerly Contemporary Doll) and even Doll Crafter added articles on antique and vintage dolls. Many of the magazines, including both Barbie magazines, have "do it yourself" tips on fixing up and making dolls and doll clothing.

It is understandable why the magazines have all broadened their coverage in this manner--broader content means a less specialized magazine and more potential subscribers/readers. However, I am not a fan of this trend--I found the magazines all more cohesive when they were more focused--I liked that Contemporary Doll Collector only covered doll artists; and I could certainly skip the "Ask The Doll Lady" column on identifying vintage and antique dolls when I am reading Doll Crafter magazine for dollmaking techniques. Nevertheless, this does seem to be the trend of the future, and if it keeps all the magazines in publication, it is somewhat of a good thing.


dolla.jpg (11743 bytes)These magazines are the most general; you will find doll magazines on a broad variety of topics, antique through modern:

Doll Reader
The best-known doll magazine with articles on antique and modern dolls, contemporary doll artists, and popular "what is my doll?" columns. Also some dollmaking projects. Monthly.

Dolls Magazine Focusing on modern manufactured dolls; also covers artist dolls, as well as vintage and antique dolls. Monthly, published by Jones Publications.

Contemporary Doll Collector Covers the world of doll artists; has also added coverage of vintage dolls in the last few years. Published by Scott Publications.

Doll Magazine
The United Kingdom magazine; both modern and antique collector dolls are covered. Monthly.

Doll News
The magazine of the United Federation of Doll Clubs. You must be a member to receive the magazine. Mostly antiques, with increasing coverage on vintage dolls. Quarterly.

Doll World is no longer being published

DOLLMAKING MAGAZINESdollart.jpg (7875 bytes)

Doll Crafter
Focusing on modern dolls, with increasing coverage on antique dollmaking. Full-size costuming pattern in every issue. Published by Jones Publications. Dollmaking and Doll Artisan magazines have been combined with Doll Crafter.

Dolls Beautiful The new magazine of Seeley's, the porcelain dollmaking company.

Doll Costuming: Devoted to dressing dolls; dolls on sewing, costuming, historical fashions, making doll accessories and more. Published by Jones Publications.

Soft Dolls and Animals
Lovely dollmaking magazine devoted to Soft Dolls and also animals. Many, many how-to projects. Quarterly; published by Scott Publications.

Cloth Doll Magazine
Another magazine about Cloth dollmaking. Published Quarterly

Once again published in the English language (also German) Gildebrief is a lavish magazine for the antique reproduction dollmaker.

Puppen und Spielzeug
German language site of PuppenMachen magazine for dollmakers.


Haute Doll Magazine: Bi-monthly magazine focusing on large sized fashion dolls such as Tyler Wentworth and Gene; also covers vintage fashion dolls and Japanese fashion dolls such as Volks Super Dolfies.

Barbie Bazaar
Nolonger being published separately, now part of Haute Doll.

Antique Doll Collector
This magazine is published 12 times a year. It focuses exclusively on antique dolls.

Paper Doll Review
A magazine for paper doll collectors from the Original Paper Doll Artist Guild.

Dolls In Miniature
Devoted to dolls under 6" in height. Delightful magazine, well-focused on its topic. Quarterly.

Hope this helps you to navigate the newsstand jumble of doll magazines currently available!

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Denise Van Patten--your Guide to Dolls
Article, Graphics Copyright © 2001 Denise Van Patten

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