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Theriault.com's New Auction Site

Revamped Auction Site To Include NEW Person-To-Person Doll Auctions and Dealer Auctions and Searchable Archives 

Avant Auctions

Theriault's has conducted their own doll auctions for some time on their online site.  Now, Theriault's will also auction items directly from well-known collectors and a pre-selected group of international doll dealers.  Each such collector and dealer will host an exclusive one-week auction of anywhere from 50 to 100 doll and doll-related items.   

Doll Research and Information Online

Searchable archives will be available, including information from  10 years of Theriault's auctions including actual prices realized for dolls sold at those auctions, plus market trends.  Cieslik's German Doll Marks (a revised database) will be brought to the internet on the new site as well, from doll historians Jurgen and Marianne Cieslik.  The popular "Ask Florence" online columns will also be archived for reference. 

Doll Appraisals via The Internet

Theriault's will be offering doll appraisals, where collectors can get information on the value, maker and historical background of their dolls by submitting a photograph and/or written description of the doll to Theriault's online appraisal department.  There is a cost of $14.95 for each appraisal. Theriault's is planning to conduct each appraisal within 48 hours, and collectors will receive an e-mail version of the appraisal along with a hard copy with an official signature and seal.

Other Features

  • Doll e-greetings

  • doll e-news

Theriault's conducts approximately 10 catalogued auctions and over 50 non-catalogued auctions each year, appraises thousands of dolls annually and publishes over 25 reference books about antique and vintage dolls.  

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What do you think of the new Theriaults Ten2Go Doll Auctions and the Avant Auctions?  Discuss in the Theriault 's Discussion in the Dolls Forum!

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