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Shoezies Arrive
Shoezies: The First Ever Line of Collectible Miniature Shoes--For Girls and Collectors

Shoezies premiered at Toy Fair 2001.  Out of all the products shown at Toy Fair, this one stands out as one of the most original--although there were about 2,000 manufacturers (or so it seemed) at Toy Fair hawking electronic pets, Shoezies are the ONLY line of collectible miniature shoes for little girls (and, well, for big girls, too) that were featured. 

The FIRST thing to notice about Shoezies is the attractive packaging.  The shoes come in a neat plastic pyramid, with a fun pink, white and gray shoe box (complete with matching tissue paper in the little box).  The shoes are miniature representations of the latest in shoe fashions.  The line includes dress Up shoes (high heel pumps, fancy nighttime sandals) and dress down shoes such as athletic footwear and clogs.  

Shoezies are manufactured by Hasbro, and Hasbro intends to release 36 Shoezies shoe styles, in six different collections throughout 2001.  For spring, three collections are being offered.  The collections are "Girls Night Out," "Steppin Lively" and "She's Got Style."   For fall, there are three more collections:  "Big Night Out," "Stars Are Out" and "Sittin Pretty".  

To go with all the mini collectible shoes and Shoeboxes, Hasbro is also producing the Shoezies Showplace Display Center (shown below) which holds 12 pairs of Shoezies brand shoe fashions along with 12 Shoezies shoeboxes (for a total of 24 pairs of shoes). A built-in turnstile display spins to show-off the collection.

Each pair of Shoezies is expected to retail in the $4.99 range.  The Shoezies Showplace Display Center will retail at $14.99.  Shoezies will be available nationwide in April, but for now they are only available in New York and Los Angeles at  Toys R Us, KMart, KB Toys, Walmart, Target, and FAO Schwarz. The Shoezies Showplace Display Center will be available in May. 

Shoezies and Your 16" Collectible Dolls... (Gene, Tyler, Alex)

Hasbro may have JUST missed a sales frenzy in the collectible dolls market.  SOME of these shoes mayl work for SOME of the dolls, but in most cases, the shoes just miss fitting our collectible doll divas such as Gene, Tyler and Alex.  I had three sample Shoezies pairs to fit on the dolls, and here is what I found:

- The shoes LOOK a bit bigger in size than the shoes made for the dolls.  However, I had a pair of "cow" hide clogs (with a real suede feel that was wonderful)  that I tried to get on Gene, Daisy, Tyler, Alex and Brenda Starr.  ALL of the dolls feet were to big to get into the shoes, since the material that the Shoezies were made out of were not flexible enough to allow the dolls feet in.  This happened even though the shoes looked BIGGER than the dolls orginal shoes.  For awhile, I felt like Cinderella, trying to push endless pairs of dolls feet into the shoes (shown at the top of th page).  But, alas, no fit was possible. 

--The other two pairs of Shoezies that I had were a high-heeled pair of casual sandals (see below) and a pair of sandals with an ankle wrap.  These couldn't even be tried on the dolls feet (the casual sandal had a "strip" between the big toe and the rest of the toes, and the ankle wrap cannot be opened to allow a doll's foot in.

--That said, the shoes LOOK great when displayed with some of the other doll shoes.  They are too big to display well with Alex shoes and Tyler shoes, but look great with Gene and Madra shoes and Brenda Starr Shoes.  

--It is possible that some of the open sandal styles AND very high-heeled sandals will fit the dolls better (don't you just wish you could give some of our doll shoes to the Shoezies designers, and say "Here, just play with THESE shoes, and then create a few new Shoezies in THESE sizes, please!!"

--The Shoezies Showplace Display Center will work great as a showpiece for your Collectible Doll Shoes--and, in fact, you might want some of the cute Shoezies shoe boxes to go with them!

If anyone out there DOES have a pair of Shoezies that fit any of the 15-16" collectible dolls, PLEASE e-mail me at collectdolls@aboutguide.com

Listen to the Shoezies Theme Song (1.1 Mb, mp3)


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