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Doll Reader Magazine

Doll Reader magazine is the premier periodical for a growing world of doll enthusiasts. Published 9 times a year, Doll Reader provides the most up to date information on old and new dolls. 

This Month in Doll Reader Magazine


Jan McLean's Little Corner of the World - Among the 115,000 people in Dunedin, New Zealand, surely one of the most talented is gifted doll artist Jan McLean. As Jan introduces her new line of vinyl Lollipop fashion dolls and two wonderful new limited-edition sweethearts who have their own Lollipops to love, she talks about her life and her art. 

Introducing The 2002 Dolls of the Year Public's Choice Awards Recipients - We carefully tabulated thousands of votes from doll lovers around the globe who have chosen the recipients of the most prestigious award in the doll world. Here are the results! 

Lee Middleton's Marvelous Classic Miniatures - Little ones add to the range of possibilities from a great doll maker as Lee Middleton Original Dolls introduces wee versions of some of the company’s most successful creations.

A Little Tyke Music - In a musical and photographic ode to babies and toddlers for collectors to love, we capture the joys and innocence of childhood in picture and in song. If a pretty girl is like a melody, this photographic essay is a symphony for doll lovers.

Perfect Babies - Constance E. King looks at the factors that influenced how fragile dolls gave way to dolls for children engaged in active play.

Cheers to Corolle's Les Cheries - As they encounter the real world of school, youngsters aged 5 and older can play with Camille and Clara, two new friends in Corolle’s Les Cheries series, who reflect today's trends.

Käthe Kruse's Sandbabys - Gifted doll artist Käthe Kruse was also a devoted mother, a fact that put her in a unique position to create an unusual, groundbreaking doll that was used as a teaching tool.  

Terri Lee: Why Was She So Special? - A terrific hard-plastic creation, Terri Lee blazed a path in the 1950s doll firmament and still is remembered for her sweet face and wonderful clothes. A. Glenn Mandeville recalls the glories of Terri Lee.

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