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Large China Doll 

DOLL:  Large China Doll

SIZE: 28"

MARKS:  none 

DATE OF PRODUCTION: circa 1850 to 1870; this type of china is known as a "flat top".  Flat tops have high foreheads, hair parted in the middle, smooth on top with small curls, often the cloth bodies have leather extremities (such as this doll has; see picture below).

CHARACTERISTICS OF DOLL:  One of the largest head china dolls I have ever seen!   The doll has lovely, well painted features.  Cloth body and leather forearms  Hair is arranged in deeply sculpted curls. This is a heavy doll--hard to believe a child could play with this (or lift it!).

PRICE: $600 to $700 in this size.

COMMENTS:  These type of dolls are commonly called "china heads" but they are also called "porcelain" dolls.  Some of these dolls are marked, but the makers are rarely known.  Many are unmarked.   

MARKET REPORT: China dolls are a hot area right now, with earlier and rarer models being the most desirable.  Look for unusual hairstyles and hair decorations, and fine face painting.  

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