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Jill Fashion Doll in Outfit #7416

DOLL:  Jill Fashion Doll by Vogue

SIZE: 10 1/2"

MARKS:  on Back:  JILL/VOGUE DOLLS INC./MADE IN USA/©1957.  Vogue Dolls, Inc.  in blue on white label on dress.


CHARACTERISTICS OF DOLL:  All hard-plastic, bent-knee walker.  Sleep eyes.  Doll comes in several hair colors.   

PRICE: Approximately $150 in all-original and excellent condition such as this doll.  Less for more common outfits and lesser condition; more for desirable evening outfits and very mint dolls.

COMMENTS: Jill is Ginny's "big sister."  She represents a teenager.  Outfit is all-original, not sure about the hat; it is unknown if hat is original).  Earrings are heart-shaped and original Jill earrings; doll wears stockings, with garters and panty-girdle  plus bra as well, and white sandals.    Market is a bit "soft" for Jills right now, especially as compared to her little sister Ginny!

MARKET REPORT:  There is a real lull in the Jill market in 2003.  Only rare outfits and pristine mint dolls will bring over $200.  Basic dolls in leotard//undies can bring under $90, even when in excellent condition.

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