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The Antique and Vintage Doll Collecting Start Page


Latest Articles:

The Enduring Charm of Raggedy Ann and Andy
Why Raggedy Ann and Andy are so popular with collectors.

1950s Supermarket Dolls 
Learn all about these large, lovely lady dolls of the 1950s and find out why these dolls are an endangered species today.

Dust, Dogs and Dolls at the Country Estate Auction 
All about my recent experience at a true country auction--did they really have antique dolls there?

Book Review:  Cissy Identification and Price Guide 
Finally, a book devoted to the mother of the modern fashion doll, Cissy, by Madame Alexander.

Book Review:  Shirley Temple Identification, Price Guide II  
Book review on Volume II of this new,  essential guide to Shirley Temple.

Book  Review:  The History and Art of Googlies  

Keeping The Tradition of French Dollmaking Alive  
Dolls from the Mundia Collection by Idyllis are made in France, and their manufacture is inspired by French dollmaking going back to Bru and  Jumeau.  Learn about the history of Mundia Collection dolls in "Keeping the Tradition Of French Dollmaking Alive." 

Ginny:  All-American Sweetheart!
Find out why Vogue's Ginny is so enduring and all about the company that created her--Vogue Dolls. 

History and Art--Walterhauser Dolls
The German company, Waltershauser Dolls, has been making dolls since 1810.  They have a fascinating history, plus a stable of well-known doll artists working for them today.  Get the full story in  "History and Art: Waltershauser Dolls"

Ode To A French Poupee  
All about why a unique French Fashion Doll Marked "Depose J" joined my collection and stole my heart.

Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls  
Little dolls with exquisite costumes delight generations!


Antique Doll Articles and Galleries

Antique and Vintage Doll Terminology 
All the lingo and terms you need to sound like an antique doll collecting old-timer. From your Guide

Free Dolls Clip Art!
Free Dolls Clip Art of special interest to Antique Doll Collectors!  Topics include dolls, victoriana, vintage advertising, antique photos, animals, sewing, and more!   From your Guide.

Antique  Doll Collecting:  Primer For Novices
New to antique doll collecting?  Here is information on where to find antique dolls, and what to look for.  From your About.com Guide.

Mystery Antique Dolls of the 1800s 
Meet some mysterious antique dolls from the 19th Century.  These dolls have unusual appeal!  Don't miss one of the mysteries SOLVED!

Organizing Your Doll Collection
Including some great tips on how to properly store your vintage Barbie.  

Theriault's 2001 Antique Doll, Automata and Hertwig Archives Auctions 
Full report from the events, including some prices realized and wonderful photos. 

Antique Doll Conservation
From our series on Antique Doll Conservation and Restoration--extensive information on preserving  your antique and vintage dolls. 

Antique Doll Restoration
Tips, tricks and general information on restoring your antique and vintage dolls.   

Mystery Antique Dolls of the 1800s 
Meet some mysterious antique dolls from the 19th Century.  These dolls have unusual appeal!  Don't miss one of the mysteries SOLVED!

Out of Print Doll Books
Learn about these essential references for doll collectors.

Theriault's Auction Weekend
Extensive coverage of the January 2000 event--the main auction, the All-Bisque auction, the French Folklore auction, announcement of the "Little Prince Tour," photo albums and more.  From your Guide.

Dolls of The Century
My picks for the most important and influential dolls of the 20th Century.  From your About.com Guide.

Holiday Decorating with Antique Dolls  
Using antique dolls in your holiday decorating; have a Victorian Christmas!  From your About.com Guide.

Doll Galleries
Our online doll museum featuring many lovely antique and vintage dolls in collections worldwide.

Antique Miniatures and Miniature Dolls
The history of miniature dolls and miniatures, and the history of the 1" to 1' scale.    From your About.com Guide.

Joan Nerini Costuming Seminar
Report on the wonderful Antique French Dolls Costuming Seminar given by England's Joan Nerini! 

How-To Identify Your Doll
Find out how to determine the manufacturer and/or name of your vintage or antique doll. 

How-To Value Your Doll
If you know which doll you have, and now you want to know what its worth, look here for guidance.

How-To Bid at a Live Doll Auction
Don't be intimidated by auctions--here's how to attend a doll auction and bid on dolls successfully. 

Theriault's Revamped Online Doll Auctions
Will the new Theriault's doll person-to-person doll auctions be a threat to the eBay doll auctions?

Doll Collecting Forum Folder

Doll Collecting Forum Folder
This folder in the FORUM is devoted to antique and vintage dolls.  Meet other collectors, share information about dolls, your doll acquisitions, doll shows, competitions and more.  Folder also available to sell your dolls and list your eBay auctions.  Click on GUEST if you are not a member yet. 


Antique Chats

Chat Room
The chat room is always open!  Most antique and vintage collectors chat on Tuesday nights.   All-Barbie chats on Sunday nights; also Fashion Doll Chats on Wednesday nights! e-mail collectdolls@aboutguide.com if you are interested in hosting a Barbie chat!

Vintage Dolls

Antique and Vintage Doll Terminology 
All the lingo and terms you need to sound like an antique doll collecting old-timer.

Dolls Of The Century
See where Ginny, Toni, Miss Revlon, Shirley Temple, and all the rest of your vintage doll friends ended up amont the doll leaders of the 20th century.

Troll Dolls  
Learn all about these whimsical creatures, which have been delighting collectors for nearly half a century!

The History and Charm of Paper Dolls
Learn all about the history and irresistable charm of paper dolls!

Ginny:  All-American Sweetheart
Find out why Vogue's Ginny is so enduring and why vintage Ginny is so hotly sought-after!

Vintage Ginny Photo Gallery
Photos of Vintage 1950s Ginnys

Doll Collectors Gallery
See vintage Madame Alexanders, Effanbees, Pedigrees and more.  Gallery is always growing

Theriault's Revamped Online Doll Auctions
Will the new Theriault's doll person-to-person doll auctions be a threat to the eBay doll auctions?

General Collecting Information

The Garage Sale Hunt
It's still possible to find wonderful dolls at garage sales--find out all the tricks of experienced doll hunters!

Moving Your Dolls
Your dolls are here.  You need to be there.  Now what?  Tips for moving, packing, and traveling with dolls.

How To Collect Dolls
Where to find dolls, and how and why to collect them--helpful hints for new and old collectors.

Doll Magazine Roundup
It's a jungle out there--a jungle of almost 20 doll magazines published in the USA!   Find your way through the jungle here.

Buying And Selling Dolls Online
Valuable advice on how to protect yourself when buying and selling dolls (or anything!) on the Internet.

Local Auctions
They're dusty, disorganized, and fun!  Learn what type of doll treasures you can find for your collection AND for your  dollmaking at local auctions!

Doll Photography

Doll Photography I: Cameras and Scanners
You want to share your doll collection with the world!  Learn about photographing dolls (especially for the Internet) here.

Doll Photography II:  Doll Details
Our series continues with information on how to get pictures of those tiny doll details, doll marks, and small dolls that can be difficult to capture.  Learn my secrets here.

Doll  Photography III:  Lighting and Backgrounds
More on doll photography--how to light your dolls, what backgrounds to use, and other tips and tricks to make your doll photos shine!

Doll Photography IV:  Software for Photos on the Internet
The final article in the Doll Photography series concentrates on photo editing software to help you get YOUR dolls on the Internet.

Doll Events

Doll Convention Blog 
My daily Blog from the Modesto Region 2N Doll Convention.  Its almost like being there!

Diary of a Mad Doll Collector
Convention diary of a doll collector attending the UFDC doll convention 2000!

Diary of a Mad Doll Collector 2001
My experiences at "Starry, Starry Night," the 2001 UFDC Atlanta Convention

Theriaults Auction Weekend
Full report on the entire event--five doll auctions, The Little Prince Tour, photos, prices realized, and more!  The next best thing to being there--five articles!   Coverage of French and German dolls, poupees, Lencis, Kewpies and more.

Doll Convention Fever
Summer is the time of most national doll conventions.  Learn about them here!

Doll Convention Diary Part I
The fabulous National Doll Convention has ended. Did you miss it? Live vicariously through my complete diary!.

Doll Convention Diary Part II
Part two of my National Doll Convention Diary. Fnd out why conventions like this are so special.

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Denise Van Patten--your Guide to Dolls
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