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Free Dolls Clip Art

Dolls - Victoriana - Children - Holidays - Advertising - Sewing

Rules Of Use

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Christmas and Santa 




Vintage Photos

Vintage Advertising

Animals (Pets & Cats)


Dolls Advertising 

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All Clip Art has been  assembled from
my personal collection.
All clip art is doll related or vintage
and can be downloaded and used for dollmaking,
websites and doll-related projects. 
This collection will contine to grow, so come back often! 
Please read Rules and Conditions of Use

For how-to projects and other ideas for what to DO with the Clip Art, 
read Creativity With Clip Art

©Denise Van Patten 2000
All Rights Reserved.

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Denise Van Patten--your Guide to Dolls

Article, Graphics Copyright © 2001 Denise Van Patten

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