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Book Review: Guide to Collecting Black Dolls by Debbie Garrett

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Guide: Collecting Black Dolls

The Definitive Guide To Collecting Black Dolls Book

Hobby House Press

The Bottom Line

Its about time a new book on black dolls was published! All of the major books on black dolls are currently out of print. This book is a delight for all collectors of black dolls.
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  • Many dolls covered.
  • Lots of photos, right with doll desriptions.
  • Values included.


  • Not enough coverage of antique black dolls
  • More general history would have been useful


  • First all-color book about black dolls.
  • Covers dolls from vintage to modern.
  • 176 pages.
  • 436 color photos.
  • Doll values are included.

Guide Review - Book Review: Guide to Collecting Black Dolls by Debbie Garrett

Black dolls are a hot area in doll collecting, and its a tragedy that all of the major books focusing on black dolls have been out of print for some time--until now. The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls by Debbie Garrett is a welcome addition to doll collector's libraries. The book covers black dolls from vintage through modern, with an emphasis on modern dolls. My only disappointment with this book is that it only briefly covers antique bisque black dolls--a very rich area of collecting. Also, more general history would have enriched the book greatly. Nevertheless, if you are a collector of black dolls, or simply interested in knowing something more about them, this book is a must-have for your doll library, and I recommend it.
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