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Newborn Nursery Adoption Centers to Open at FAO Schwarz

Lifelike Baby Doll Adoption Experience from Lee Middleton Dolls


Lee Middleton Doll
Little girls across the country will soon experience the magic of baby doll adoption. Lee Middleton Original Dolls Inc., maker of vinyl collectible baby dolls, and toy store FAO Schwarz, are expanding their partnership to open six new Newborn Nursery Adoption Centers within FAO Schwarz toy stores later this month.

The Newborn Nursery Adoption Center is a simulated hospital nursery designed to give girls the memorable experience of adopting a lifelike baby doll in a realistic setting. FAO Schwarz’s reputation for creating an unforgettable, and sometimes over-the-top, shopping experience will mesh well with Lee Middleton Original Dolls Inc.’s commitment to quality dolls and innovation. The new Newborn Nursery Adoption Centers will appear in FAO Schwarz stores in Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Los Angeles. FAO Schwarz owned Zany Brainy in Northbrook, Illinois will also open a Newborn Nursery.

“We are very pleased with our new partnership with FAO Schwarz that will now allow many more girls to experience the loving bond created through a Nursery baby adoption,” said Iain Macfarlane, CEO of Lee Middleton Original Dolls Inc. “Unlike other dolls, the Nursery dolls and the baby adoption experience are designed to help young girls develop their nurturing skills while having fun. It’s a great family experience not only for children, but also for their parents and grandparents.”

How the Adoption Works

The Newborn Nursery Adoption Center provides a fun outing. As the customer enters the area, they hear sounds of happy baby noises cooing from the nursery viewing area. When they peek through the glass, they see a variety of baby dolls with all different complexions and hair and eye colors. The child (or the adult collector!) then decides which baby to take home. Once the selection is made, a sales associate dressed like a real nurse helps the customer put on a hospital gown. Adoption papers are then completed with the baby’s name, address, and birth date. The “nurse” will carry the baby out of her crib and will place her on a changing table. She’ll conduct a full health examination of the baby and then she’ll teach the new mother how to powder her diaper and hold her. At the end of the adoption, the new “mommy” can buy accessories for the new arrival.

History of the Newborn Nursery Adoption Center

Lee Middleton Original Dolls Inc. is an Ohio-based company that has been creating award-winning, lifelike baby dolls for 25 years. During those years, the company has been predominantly recognized for its collectible vinyl baby dolls. But in recent years, the company has expanded its line to include dolls that are made of the same quality materials as the collectible dolls, but can withstand more “love” from little children. One of the most recognizable features of the Newborn Nursery doll is the weight distribution. Each doll is 4 pounds and is designed to look and feel like a real baby. With so many people who enjoy the lifelike qualities, Lee Middleton Original Dolls Inc. felt a nursery setting would provide a stronger experience for both children and their parents. In 1994, the first Newborn Nursery Adoption Center opened at the company’s Belpre, Ohio Factory Store, and the concept has been popular ever since.

The first, and up until this month, the only FAO Schwarz Newborn Nursery Adoption Center location was at the flagship store in New York City. With November being “National Adoption Month,” it seems like the perfect time for the opening of the six additional Newborn Nursery Adoption Centers.

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