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Readers Respond: Your Worse Doll Collecting Mistake

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Too many dolls

I am finally learning how to say no. For many years I would buy a doll because I would get it at a great price. I have many great dolls that just don't appeal to me. Now I'm overloaded and don't have room for the dolls I do want. Maybe some afternoon I'll list all these treasures on Ebay!

Doll repair can become dispair!

I took my Armand Marseille completely disconnected doll, damaged leg, ball joints, weighted eyes in hand, and no wig to an advertised doll repairwoman's shop. 7 -9 weeks later, I insisted I was coming to pick her up since I was concerned, told "She isn't ready yet." By then I was very worried. I found that her eyes were glued, white glue oozed all around. The elastic cord, far too thin for my size doll. I didn't want to remove the lovely replacement wig to look for myself. I was not happy but I paid her $125 and went home. Always check your doll before you accept her. Never allow the wig to be fastened on until you have had the opportunity to look inside the doll head. The weighted, sleep, glass eyes are a very important aspect of your doll value. Ask for references before you leave your treasure. The jewels can be stolen! This individual advertised in a leading doll magazine. I checked her shop and her dolls - but not her references! Beware

My Desire!

Sometimes, my collecting desire overloads my pocketbook!!!! I learned to try and not put things on Layaway or to stay within a certain amount that can be spent!!!
—Guest Mary Jane Hughes

Who Knew I Was Starting a Collection?

My biggest mistake was not realizing 25 years ago that I was starting to collect dolls. If only I'd begun to keep an inventory, with photos and description and seller and price paid.... It's not easy 300 dolls later to backtrack.
—Guest Marge Hallyburton

My worst doll-collecting mistakes...

have been selling dolls on ebay simply to have the funds to buy new ones! I have found, almost without exception, that I miss the ones I have sold. In fact, I have even re-bought new copies of ones that I sold previously, if there are enough of them floating around. One doll in particular was number one of an edition of 50, personally signed by the doll artist, and I'm very sad that I'll never get it back. I don't sell anymore, just save carefully for those dolls that I really want.
—Guest Karen

I Won The Wrong Item At Auction

Seriously, pay attention when you are at a fast-paced doll auction! A few months ago, I was at an auction for antique dolls and miniatures. There were many lots, and the auction seemed to go on forever, plus I was bidding on multiple lots. At one point, there were a few items that were coming up close together. I won a lot, then started talking to someone while bidding on (I thought) the next lot, which was a miniature doll. I won! I was so excited...until I realized that I had bid on the wrong lot, and I had actually won two miniature German porcelain dollhouse statues. Ahem. Well, the good news is that the miniature porcelain dollhouse statues look amazing in my small doll cabinet, and I'm actually quite fond of them now, as well as of the story that goes with them!
—Guest Denise Van Patten

My Horrible Mistake

Actually, I have two. One was when I gave a doll a bath one to two times a week and caused her to rot so badly I had to throw her away. I will never do that again! The other bad mistake I made was when I had the Ashton-Drake 22" anatomically correct Katie doll by Linda Webb (twin to Charlie), and I would bathe her and shampoo her hair about one to two times a week. She was my first collectible baby doll, and she didn't rot away like my second collectible baby doll did, but some of her hair fell out and there were noticeable bald spots all over her head. I'm never doing that again, either! Now I know that collectible baby dolls are not bathable because of their skin, and you should never shampoo the hair of any collectible baby doll, Ashton-Drake and otherwise. You can't condition and brush their hair too often, either, and you should never use a comb as it will pull out the glued-on hair of an Ashton-Drake doll. I accidently tore Katie's fingers, too, so I don't have her anymore.
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