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Vintage Barbie -Identfication and Prices

Guides to help you identify your vintage Barbie dolls, plus price guides for vintage dolls, clothing and accessories.

Barbie® and Friends By Year
A visual guide from Krista, to help you identify dolls.  In depth resource!

Vintage Barbie Doll Telelevision Commercials - Great Doll Commercials From...
You won't want to miss these vintage television commercials for Barbie, Ken, Skipper, the Twist and Turn Barbie and more!

Barbies and Friends Identification Guide
Useful reference work from Deni's Vintage Barbies; includes Barbie's Vintage friends.   Many photos.

Barbie® Identification
From DollHabit.Com, a marvelous chart helps you identify your ponytail and other vintage Barbies®.

Heather's Vintage Barbie® Page
A useful, organized guide to identifying vintage ponytails.

Ponytail Barbie Identification Guide
Which ponytail Barbie do you have?  Find out here, from Cathy's Vintage Barbies.

Price Guide
From The Dolls, The Dish and the Dollars.  Extensive; over 1,900 items, vintage and modern.

Vintage Fashion Dolls 60s and 70s
Nice site with extensive photos and information to help identify your vintage Barbie and other fashion dolls.

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