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Costuming and Sewing For Dolls

Dress your doll! Tips, patterns and projects for fashion dolls, cloth dolls, and antiques. You can also find costuming supplies--laces, ribbons, old fabrics, new fabrics properly scaled, buttons, and other similar supplies here. Plus costuming history sites to help make your period costuming perfect.
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Dollwear Designer: Computer Program for Designing & Sizing Doll Patterns
Dollwear Designer, a new computer program for designing & sizing doll patterns.

Crafts How-To:  Miniature Doll Purse
How to craft a small doll purse from tapestry ribbon.  From your About.com Guide.

Joan Nerini Costuming Seminar
Report on the wonderful Antique French Dolls Costuming Seminar given by England's Joan Nerini!  From your About.com Guide.

Sewing For Dolls With Computerized Sewing Machines
How computerized embroidery, heirloom stitches and other features of these amazing machines can enhance your doll clothing.

Patterns for Fashion Dolls by Don McCunn
Great patterns for all your fashion doll - Tyler, Gene, and Alex, plus other 16" size dolls. Plus, slopers, too so you can create your own patterns!

Fancy Frocks Doll Patterns and Accessories
Nice selection of sewing patterns for all types of dolls.

Sewing For Miniature Dolls
All the tips for successful small-scale sewing.  From your About.com Guide.

Doll Costumer's Guild of America, Inc.
Guild is devoted to costuming antique dolls; bi-monthly newsletter is full of costuming patterns and instructions.

How To Do Stuff
Various tips on sewing for dolls, with an emphasis on American Girl Dolls.

Lincoln Dolls
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