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Matty Mattel, talking doll by Mattel, c. 1960. Hard plastic head, cloth body, 16" tall, pull string and talks. In excellent condition $30 - $50
Matty Mattel

Matty Mattel

Denise Van Patten
Price is for doll in original clothing, and mute (most of the talking mechanisms have broken). More for mint doll or doll that talks. Doll pictured has his hat, which is usually missing. Great example of a Mattel talking doll; Mattel was well-known for their talking dolls in the early 1960s. Matty was also a cartoon character on children's television. Matty has a "companion" female doll known as Sister Belle; she is the same size and construction, with a yarn-like long blonde wig and jumper.

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