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High Brow China Doll

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Cloth body with lower leather limbs, 18 inches tall, well dressed, $300 to $400.
High Brow China Doll

High Brow China Doll

Denise Van Patten
High Brow china dolls, also referred to as Flat Top china dolls, are generally from the 1860s to the 1870s. This doll, late 1860s. Prices are less for examples with replaced bodies, poorly painted faces. High Brow china dolls have high foreheads, hair parted in the middle, smooth on top with small curls on the side, often the cloth bodies have leather extremities (such as this doll has; see picture below) and sometimes bisque or china ones.

These type of dolls are commonly called "china heads" but they are also called "porcelain" dolls. Some of these dolls are marked, but the makers are rarely known. Many are unmarked.

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