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Doll Review: Only Hearts Club Dolls

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Only Hearts Club Dolls

Only Hearts Club Dolls

The Bottom Line

Children and adult collectors are both drawn to the Only Hearts Club Dolls. Each small fashion doll has an artist-doll look, with tiny set eyes and detailed clothing--outfits often include hats and purses, and have modern details. The dolls are trendy, yet they are still dolls of little girls, unlike Barbie or Bratz fashion dolls. Pets, sleeping bags, horses, and other available accessories and play sets add play value.
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  • Great value for the price.
  • Very detailed, with set eyes, detailed clothing
  • Each doll has her own personality.
  • Additional clothing and accessories are available.
  • Each doll has a book with an uplifting, personality-appropriate message.


  • Sometimes the shoes don't stay on.
  • A small wardrobe case would be a nice addition to the line.
  • It would be nice if some new books were written.


  • The Only Hearts Club consists of six characters, all girls with their own personalities.
  • The Only Hearts Club Dolls have a suggested retail of $15.99
  • The Only Hearts Club outfits have a suggested retail of $10.99
  • The dolls have tiny, set glass eyes.
  • The Only Hearts Club Dolls have vinyl heads with rooted hair.
  • The doll's soft bodies have a full wire armature which allows easy posing,
  • Separate outfits are available for the Only Hearts Club Dolls.
  • Accessories which are available right now include horses, sleeping bags, a carrying tote.
  • Books can be purchased in a set of six books, with a suggested retail of $19.99.

Guide Review - Doll Review: Only Hearts Club Dolls

The Only Hearts Club Dolls have only been on the market for a little over a year, yet they have a strong following among little girls, tweens, and also collectors. The dolls are very well made for their suggested retail of $15.99--they are totally posable and they even have set glass eyes! The set eyes are truly remarkable--nearly every other doll of this size has painted eyes (the dolls are only 10" in height). Each Only Hearts Club Doll has a book available that tells the story of the doll while delivering a positive message about listening to your heart (the books are sold separately).

The dolls which comprise the Only Hearts Club are Taylor Angelique who loves animals (available in a vet's outfit), Karina Grace who loves music and dance (available in a ballerina outfit), Olivia Hope who loves horses (available in a riding outfit), Briana Joy who loves sports (available in a soccer outfit), Lily Rose who loves the outdoors (available in a hiking outfit) and Anna Sophia who loves to cook (available in a cooking outfit). Each outfit is also available separately. Additional outfits include pjs and robes, bathing suits, and school and casual clothing. Most outfits retail for $9.99 to $10.99.

The dolls have vinyl heads, and soft bodies which have a wire armature which allows for infinite posing possibilities. The doll also have nice hair. The Only Hearts Club dolls are a good choice for anyone looking for a great play doll at a great price.

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