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Jess: The 2006 Girl of the Year American Girl Is Made For Adventure

Jess Explores Mayan Ruins in Belize. First Doll With Asian-American Roots


Jess: The 2006 Girl of the Year American Girl Is Made For Adventure
Since the end of 2001, each year a Girl of the Year limited edition American Girl doll has been released. These dolls are only available for one year, which makes them much rarer than the historical American Girls which can remain in the American Girl line for multiple generations of little girls. The Girls of Today are dolls that live in modern times, but with stories, books and detailed outfits and accessories, much like their historical counterparts.

Several Girl of the Year Dolls Have Been Issued

The first Girl of the Year was Lindsey Bergman, a Jewish girl who was, sometimes, overeager to help. Then came Kailey Hopkins, a surfer girl and environmentalist. Last year brought us Marisol, a Hispanic girl who loved to dance and who moved from inner city Chicago to the suburbs (a move which, actually, surrounded the doll in some controversy).

Meet Jess Akiko McConnell

This year's Girl of the Year is Jess Akiko McConnell. Jess is a trend-setter for American Girls in several ways. First, she is the first bi-racial American Girl, with an Irish-American father and an Asian-American mother. Jess also is the first doll with a full story to have any Asian background.

Jess Travels To Belize

Jess' story centers on a trip that her archeologist parents make to Belize to study Mayan ruins. Jess comes along on the five month trip, leaving behind an older brother and older sister. While in Belize, Jess experiences her first home-schooling, and of course, foreign travel. She also discovers kayaking, and makes a new friend.

Jess Has Cool Accessories

Jess has excellent accessories available, and these include the Jess Travel Accessories set, which includes a shoulder bag with passport, document holder, map and guidebook, plus her plush monkey. Another accessory set includes Jess' kayak and gear (although the kayak is not supposed to be put in actual water). Clothing available includes Jess' kayaking outfits which includes a rashguard, pink shorts, kayaking shoes, a bathing suit, sunglasses and sunscreen. Of course, Jess also has her own summery PJs available.

It Is Possible To Dress Like Jess

Jess can also swing from her own tree swing. And, if your child likes to dress like her American Girl doll, you can get a matching halter top and tie-dye skirt for your daughter or matching PJs.

Jess is Only Available In 2006

If you like Jess, 2006 is your only chance to buy her at retail. The doll is only issued for this year or "as long as supplies last." Some of the Girl of the Year American Girls don't have supplies last until Christmas, such as last year's Marisol. And, some of the Girls of the Year and their accessories sell for top dollar on eBay. You can easily spend $200 to $300 for a mint Lindsey right now, and Marisol also sells at a premium over her original retail.

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