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Groovy Girls Minis Hit The Scene

Just as Groovy....And Now, Pocket Size, Too!


Groovy Girls Minis

Groovy Girls Minis

Denise Van Patten
Groovy Girls are one of the doll success stories of the past 10 years. Sold mostly in specialty stores nationwide (with a limited selection at stores such as Target) the Groovy Girls have stolen the hearts of children and their moms. Moms (and grandmothers) like them because they are cloth and cuddly and sell at a great price--roughly $9.99 at most stores. Children (mostly girls, but there are also "Groovy Guys" like them because they also manage to be hip and cool--with the latest clothing and an entire world of fun accessories, including houses, cars, horses, clothing, and more.

The latest news on the Groovy Girl scene is the addition of Groovy Girls Minis to the line. Groovy Girls Minis are miniaturized, rubbery, poseable, bendable and highly collectible Groovy Girl dolls. The miniaturized Groovy Girls are very detailed, and they also have a growing world of pets, furniture, scooters, and more, all highly detailed. Think Polly Pockets on steroids. They also have an appealing price, with most pieces in the line available for between $4.00 and $6.00.

Groovy Girl Minis will be perfect for many occasions for which a basic size, cloth Groovy Girl just won't do. They are great for packing up for travel, sneaking a ride to school in a backpack, or for bathtub play. For adults, these little dolls can sit unobtrusively by a computer, or on the dashboard of a car. They are fun to pose in many ways--they can "ride" in the cars, "ride" the horses or scooters, and sit in the chairs.

Manhattan Toy (which, ironically, is located in Minneapolis) produces the Groovy Girls and the Groovy Girls Minis. Groovy Girls have been in production since 1998, and over 8 million Groovy Girls have been sold. This year, also look for a line of Groovy Girls-branded clothing, books, backpacks, jewelry and cosmetics.

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