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Why I Finally Decided To Let My Daughter Have a Bratz Doll

I relent! Its been three years and now Bratz is taking over the world


Bratz Wintertime Wonderland Cloe

Bratz Wintertime Wonderland Cloe

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Bratz dolls first came on the scene three years ago, in 2001. When they first came out, my daughter begged me for a Bratz doll. I informed her that the Bratz dolls wore too much makeup, wore trashy clothing, and had weird giant heads, and that she should stick with her Barbie dolls.

At the time, my daughter was only seven, so she readily towed the family "party line" and would even parrot back to her friends who had Bratz dolls..."Oh, those dolls are ugly...we don't have those at my house."

You Can't Say No To a Bratz Doll Forever...

Fast forward to today. It seems as if Bratz dolls have taken over the world...they certainly have taken over my neighborhood. All of my daughter's friends now have Bratz. I've kept my daughter content with her dolls by getting her several Barbie doll series including Calli girl(which she loves) and even letting her play with my Tyler Wentworth fashion dolls. But...my daughter is now older, and isn't so easy to placate.

Lately, the begging for a Bratz doll has become louder and more insistent. I continued to say no, rationalizing how many dolls my daughter already has, and also standing firm to my opinion that the dolls had too much attitude and too much of a trashy look for my household.

Blame the Bratz Tokyo A Go-Go Sushi Bar

Well, the gig is up. And, it's all the fault of a long weekend at a friend's house, and the Bratz Tokyo a Go-Go Sushi Bar. Recently, my daughter stayed at the house of a close friend. She played with the Bratz of her close friend all weekend. When she got home, the begging for a Bratz commenced in earnest. "Mom, really, what is so bad about Bratz! They are really fun! And, they have WAY better accessories than Barbie dolls."

Bratz Dolls Have Great Accessories

Accessories....accessories! Hmm, I never considered accessories before. If you've been reading my doll articles and columns for the past few years, you know I am a nut about doll accessories, and you know that I think that lately the Barbie accessories have gone a bit downhill. So...I did some research. One of the first things I stumbled across was the Bratz World! Tokyo a Go-Go Sushi Lounge. OhMyGosh--a Sushi Lounge for dolls!! Sushi is a family ritual for us--birthdays and many other special evens are commemorated at our local sushi restaurant.

The sushi set really DID have the best little accessories--including doll size, realistic looking sushi! The set includes "Karaoke stage (yes...it is also a karaoke bar...), mic stand, screen, sushi table, 3 chairs, sushi boat, 9 plates, 10 pairs of sushi, 2 pairs of sliced sashimi, 3 pairs of chopsticks, 3 soy sauce dishes, 3 wooden plates, 3 soup bowls with covers, 3 cups, 2 soy sauce bottles and an ice tray." Really, the detail in the accessories--sashimi and even soy sauce dishes included! So, I was sold.

Finding A Bratz Doll With Enough Clothing

Now, the question remained--could I find a Bratz doll I could live with for my daughter. Thank goodness for winter sports--I settled on the Bratz Wintertime Wonderland Cloe! Really, how fantastic--a Bratz covered in clothing from head to toe--no tummy showing! Since my daughter loves winter sports as well, the doll seems perfect. Of course, I can't do anything about the heavy lipstick and smug attitude on the doll's face, but you can't have everything.

My daughter received the doll and sushi set last Christmas (it's a very good thing that she doesn't read my articles on About.com...she still believes in Santa Claus and the Bratz was from him).

Trying To Avoid The Mistakes of the Past

One other factor weighed heavily on my decision to relent and let my daughter have Bratz. When I was a little girl in the 1960s, one of the neighbor little girls had a mom who refused to let her have a Barbie, because of the very adult body and makeup. This little girl, of course, loved Barbie and played with mine every chance she got. She begged and begged, but her mom never relented--the best she could do was get the somewhat flat-chested Tammy fashion doll, which really never satisfied her. This little girl is now grown up, and of course, has a huge Barbie collection.

I just didn't want to face the scenario where I would walk into my adult daughter's house some day and see a cabinet filled up with the formerly forbidden Bratz dolls!

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