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Be-Bratz.com Joins The World of Web Play

Three Be-Bratz Dolls Are Introduced; Site is in Beta


Be-Bratz.com Joins The World of Web Play


Courtesy MGA Entertainment
On August 1, 2007, Bratz dolls join Webkinz, Barbie Girls, and Ty Girlz in the popular and rapidly growing world of web play with the new Be-Bratz.com dolls and web site. The dolls and site are aimed at girls 6 and up and it offers music, games, fashion (most likely online paper-doll play with the online dolls, outfits, hair and accessories) and safe communication and interaction opportunities for girls. Be-Bratz.com is currently in BETA format.

An Immersive Virtual World

In a press release today, Issac Larian, CEO of MGA Entertainment said that “Be-Bratz.com is an immersive virtual world that extends the immensely popular Bratz brand into the online space through stimulating activities, a highly personalized ‘MyPage’, a customizable 3-D room, and fun, safe communication tools. The online experience is ubiquitous in play patterns of today’s young girls, so this connection between doll and web is a natural for MGA, especially given the success of our past toy/web initiatives.”

Access To The World Through a USB Key

As with Barbie Girls, Webkinz or Ty Girlz, the only way to access the web site for play is to buy one of the branded products. For access to Be-Bratz.com, you need a special "glam" necklace that comes packaged with one of three new Bratz fashion dolls. The necklace is a USB key that unlocks access to the Be-Bratz.com world. There will be three Be-Bratz.com dolls to choose for, and they come with a pet, real working mouse, mouse pad and the necklace with the USB key. Suggested retail for the Be-Bratz dolls are $29.99 each, and it is compatible with Windows® OS 2000/XP. Later this year, support will be added for MAC and Windows Vista.

New Content Will Be Added Monthly

Once on the site, you can create your own Bratz avatar, customize your own page, and then explore the virtual world including a salon, Game Zone and more. Since this site is in BETA, much like the Barbie Girls and Ty Girlz sites, the site will be added to and MGA Entertainment (the owners and creators of Bratz dolls) intend to add new content to the site each month. Additional Be-Bratz.com product will include speakers, mini-web cam, mini-keyboard and more, all in pink.

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