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Dolls for Children and Play: Bratz, American Girl, More

Dolls for children and the child in everyone--Barbie dolls for play, American Girl, Bratz, Groovy Girls, baby dolls and others. Play with your dolls, or find play dolls for the children in your life.
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  4. Dollhouses (6)

Review of Monster High Create-A-Monster Set Werewolf and Dragon Starter Pack
A review of the Monster High Create-A-Monster Werewolf and Dragon Starter Pack--is it ghoulishly cool, or a set to be avoided? Find out here!

Hot Holiday Dolls 2008 For Children
Every year, everyone wants to know: what are the best, the top, the hottest dolls for the holiday season. This year, as always, I present my hot holiday dolls for children, for 2008. The only change I've made to the way that I compile my list is that I have not included any wild, luxury items on the list this year, thanks to the slow economy worldwide. But, that hasn't stopped me from including s…

America's Next Top Model Dolls
A review of the America's Next Top Model Dolls.

Top 10 Hot Holiday Dolls 2007 For Children
Unlike last year, when TMX Elmo and the WII Entertainment system were hot, sought after and hard to find, there are no runaway must-have toys or dolls for Christmas 2007. If there are any must-have, hard to find items, they have yet to develop as of the time this article was written. That said, there are some wonderfully innovative and fun dolls and related plush on my Top 10 Dolls for Children t…

Be-Bratz.com Joins The World of Web Play
Be-Bratz.com Joins The World of Web Play

Meet the Karito Kids!
The Karito Kids, a new line of dolls, mixes Internatinal flair with giving.

Hot Holiday Dolls 2006 For Children
My picks for the top 10 hot holiday dolls of 2006. For children.

Jess: The 2006 Girl of the Year American Girl Is Made For Adventure
Jess, the 2006 limited edition Girl of the Year American Girl explores Maya ruins in Belize.

Madi The Magical Fairy: New Doll by Stephanie Blythe and Linda Mason
Madi The Magical Fairy: New Doll by Stephanie Blythe and Linda Mason

Amazing Amanda: A Truly Interactive Doll For Today's Children
Amazing Ally is one of the hits of the 2005 Holiday season. Find out all about her and if she is right for you child.

Doll Review: Only Hearts Club Dolls
A review of the Only Hearts Club Dolls.

Teen Trends Dolls by Mattel
A review of the Teen Trends dolls by Mattel; Kianna, Diondra, Courney, and Gabby.

Meet the Groovy Girl Minis!
Groovy Girls Minis: Just as groovy, and now pocket-size, too!

Why I Finally Decided To Let My Daughter Have a Bratz Doll
Mother relents and lets her child have a Bratz doll after three years.

Cabbage Patch Dolls For A New Generation
The classic Cabbage Patch Kids dolls to be reborn for a whole new generation.

The Allure of the American Girl
Why the American Girl Dolls are so popular with little girls and their moms; a look at the phenomena.  From your About.com Guide.

Cabbage Patch Dolls For A New Generation
The classic Cabbage Patch Kids dolls to be reborn for a whole new generation.

Meet Kit: The NEW American
All about the NEW American Girl, Kit! Her story, her clothes and accessories, and the Kit Can-Do Challenge.

Hot Holiday Dolls 2001 for Children
Its our annual list of the hot dolls and related toys for children for the 2001 Holidays! Now including online shopping information.

Power Puff Dolls: A Review
They're invading a Toys 'R Us near you!  A review of this new line of dolls--cute, obnoxious, or a bit of both? From your About.com Guide

Sailor Moon
More great Sailor Moon links from About.com Guide to Action Figures, Bobbi Boyd!

Review of the Lalaloopsy Doll by MGA
Review of the Peppy PomPoms Lalalooy Doll

A Doll Collector's Alphabet
Doll Collecting at About.com, Ellen Tsagaris, Collectible Dolls, Antique Dolls, Ancient Dolls, Rag, Cloth, Barbie, Fashion Dolls, French, German

Estate Dolls
estate, Ningyo, hina matsuri, Japanese dolls, Danbury mint, porcelain dolls 1980s, vinyl, estate sales, storage, museums, thrift shops

Cross Collectible and Dolls
Eleanor St. George who wrote "Old Dolls" observed that doll collectors often have multiple hobby interests. Therefore, we collect items related to our dolls, or cross-collectibles.

Monster High Dolls
Monster High dolls are sister dolls to Barbie, but are surpassing her in popularity. The hauntingly chic teenaged dolls have inspired an entire collection of spinoff products and promotions.

GI Joe Turns 50!
GI Joe turns 50 while collectors ponder his popularity and the popularity of war toys everywhere.

Uncanny Dolls
Dolls that are too realistic often attract attention from the scientific, medical, and psychological communities.

Review of A Wizard of Oz Doll Party
What better duet for doll lovers than American Girls paired with The Wizard of OZ? I attended a special tea honoring two American Icons.

Dolls for Washington's Birthday-Emma Clear, Effanbee, More
George and Martha Washington have been reinvented as dolls by many companies, and are popular cross over collectibles with political memorabilia collectors.

Review: SIS International Fair Trade Store
Lovers of folk dolls and folk art will be awed and inspired by the wonderful selection at SIS Fair Trade, centrally located with generous hours of business so everyone can visit. The scents of coffee, chocolate and incense gently waft through the air as you shop an amazing selection of international merchandise that includes many types of dolls, toys, figurines, puppets, and miniatures.

The Japanese Doll Festival

Doll Collecting and Contemporary Culture
Today, doll collecting in all its aspects is attracting publicity in social media, popular culture and American Society.

Hinges and Hearts: A Group Written Doll Poem
Here is what happens when a group of doll lovers get together to help your guide brainstorm a poem; read on, inspired by Hinges, Hearts, and Metal Dolls.

Dolls in Horror Movies
Dolls have the power to frighten and thrill; many horror movies have doll themes and explore the concept of what dolls mean to us as "others" or non human self portraits

My Three Collections
My Doll Collection ranges from The Sublime to the Ridiculous; all are my Favorites! From French Bisque to Kleenex, dolls make up three branches of one lifelong collection.

Stiches in Time; More on Cloth Dolls
Rag dolls reflect stitches in time that could tell the world's history, beginning with a Roman Rag doll that is over 2000 years old. Cloth dolls rule!

King and Rice; Tommknockers and Interview with the Vampire
Scary films and novels inspire dolls and collectibles

Dolls on Kindle, Part II
Part II showing a sample of books on dolls and toys from my Kindle library.

Barbie gets Girl Scout's Badge and Makes Sports Illustrated's Cover
Barbie joins The Girl Scouts and poses for Sports Illustrated amid lively controversy and publicity.

Intensity by Dean Koontz
Dean Koontz's "Intensity" spawned a TV movie that used dolls as props in a sinister plot.

More about Paper Dolls

Review: Abernathy's

Ritual Figures, Relgious Figures, Holiday Dolls

Toy Soldiers
Comprehensive history of toy soldiers as they relate to dolls, play, history, and literature,

The Six Millioon Dollar Doll--Almost
The most expensive doll figure in the world to date is also an ancient one. Move over Thundercats!

Dolls for Haitian School L'Allemand
Children make rag dolls for poor school kids in Haiti.

Review: Eagle Estate Brokers [EEB] Flea Market
Indoor Flea Market with a Historic Past with unlimited doll hunting opportunities

Profile: The King of Dolls by Ljeposlav Perinic (1922-2005)
This amazing, unique collection once graced the Worlds Far, Exp0 '67

Part II; So, You Want to Write a Doll Book?
with love from tin lizzie, Schoenhut, bru, metal doll, doll files

So, You want to Write a Doll Book? Part III
The story of how I wrote a doll book continues, with help from Mary Hillier and others.

Review: A Study of Dolls by G. Stanley Hall (1897)
Review of an early doll book by G. Stanley Hall.

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