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Top 10 Reasons To Join a Doll Club

Doll collecting is fun...but its even more fun when you join a doll club!


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Snow White Dolls at Doll Club Dolls in Literature Display

Ellen Johnson
Collecting dolls doesn't have to be a solitary pursuit. Even if you're not the "joining" type, you should definitely consider joining a doll club. Why? Here are my top ten reasons that will convince you to join a doll club!

1. To Learn About The Dolls That You Have

One of the main purposes about doll clubs is doll education. That may seem a bit dry and boring as a reason to join a doll club, but don't you want to learn about the dolls that you have? Doll programs run the gamut from slides shows to in-person lectures and demonstrations. You can learn all about the dolls in your collection--even if you have shelves full of doll books, there is nothing like seeing dolls in person and learning from experts and other knowledgeable collectors.

2. To Learn About The Dolls That You Don't Have

Sometimes, people decide to not join a doll club because "they collect composition dolls and most of the local doll club members collect antique dolls." I don't think this is a great reason to pass on joining your local club--don't you want to learn about other dolls, and don't you want to teach other collectors about your doll passion? Plus, doll collectors of all types have more in common than you think!

3. To Make Life-Long Friends With Like-Minded Interests

If you do join a club you will make life-long friends. Some of the best friends I have made in my community are members of my local club, and some of the best friends I've made nationwide are from doll club conventions.

4. Because of the UFDC.

Many doll clubs belong to The United Federation of Doll Clubs. This non-profit organization is dedicated to doll education and support of local clubs. They also help organize doll conventions nationwide.

5. Because of Doll Conventions!

Doll conventions are a combination of several fantastic things for collectors--doll lectures and presentations, a big doll show, doll competitions, and meal events which include a social get together and a doll or doll-related souvenir. Conventions are held on a local, regional and national level, and they are a blast! Most conventions are fully open only to doll club members.

6. To Help Promote Local Doll Shows and Events

Doll clubs also organize many local doll shows and doll events (such as doll-focused luncheons or doll-themed weekends). You can help organize these events as a member of a club--you can even help bring such events to your area for the very first time.

7. For Fun!

Doll clubs are just plain fun! Meetings are fun, often with a social aspect. Many clubs allow time for doll show and tells, and they often have commercial parts of their meetings where members can buy, sell and trade dolls.

8. For Charitable Reasons.

Many doll clubs will organize charitable events or raise money for charities through doll shows or other fundraisers. Its a great way to give back to your community while indulging in your collecting passion.

9. For Profit.

As mentioned above, many doll clubs allow a part of their meeting for buying, selling and trading dolls. Raise some money to further your collecting pursuits!

10. To, Just Once, Be In An Entire Room Full Of People Who Don't Think it is Cute or Quaint To Collect Dolls

I think that a vast majority of doll collectors consider this reason to be a major reason to join a doll club! Its a true revelation when you are at your first doll club meeting, and you tell fellow members about your latest doll find, and, and....instead of rolling their eyes like members of your family do, they nod in excitement and want to hear more! A doll club is your best bet for finding like-minded people who think its completely normal (in fact, preferable) to collect dolls.

So what are you waiting for? To find a local doll club in your area, contact the UFDC to find a doll club near you. If there are no doll clubs near you, or the local clubs only have waiting lists for new members, start your own!

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