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Hasbro Dolls - About Hasbro Dolls:

The most famous Hasbro doll of all is a macho military man--G.I. Joe! Other famous Hasbro dolls include Jem dolls, Little Miss No Name, and a whole host of licensed celebrity dolls.

Dolls Produced by Hasbro:

As mentioned, G.I. Joe is Hasbo's best-known dolls. Other Hasbro dolls include Jem, Charlie's Angels, Little Miss No Name, ABBA, Dolly Darling, Storykins, Elvis Presley, Sindy, Pateena Poodle, and Lorifina, a doll customizable on the Internet.

Years of Production for Hasbro Dolls:

Hasbro was started in the 1920s by Henry and Helal Hassenfeld (brothers). The original name of the company was Hassenfeld Brothers. Although Hasbro began producing toys in the 1940s, it wasn't until the 1960s that they started producing dolls. They still produce some dolls today.

Materials and Characteristics of Hasbro Dolls:

The vast majority of Hasbro dolls are vinyl with 5-piece bodies. There have been exceptions, including G.I. Joe and the Lorifina fashion doll that had extra joints for posing.

Prices and Secondary Market for Hasbro Dolls:

There is a very active market for 1960s G.I. Joe dolls, rivaling the market for Barbie in scope and complexity. The Jem dolls have a growing following of collectors, and many celebrity doll collectors include Hasbro dolls in their collections. Certain rare G.I. Joe dolls can bring hundreds of dollars. Mint Farah Fawcett dolls bring in the $50 to $100 range.

Modern Blythe Dolls:

Hasbro (which now owns Kenner and Takara) also produces the modern version of the popular 1970s Blythe doll made by Kenner.

Interesting Fact:

Hasbro always referred to G.I. Joe as an "action figure" because they felt strongly that boys would not play with a doll.

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