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Bitty Bethany Doll by Kish & Company

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Bitty Bethany Doll by Kish & Company

The Bottom Line

Bitty Bethany, by Kish & Company, is a stunning child fashion doll. Introduced in 2004, Bitty Bethany is aimed at collectors with its $170.00 suggested retail price, but the doll is also suitable for older children who are looking for a keepsake doll. Although many of the Kish & Company dolls are made completely in the U.S., the Bitty Bethany dolls are marked "Made in China" on their package. Bitty Bethany is 10" tall with hand-painted features and additional outfits available.


  • A beautiful child fashion doll
  • Very limited editions.
  • From Kish & Company in Denver, Colorado
  • Separate outfits available.


  • Dolls are a bit expensive.
  • Very limited editions.


  • Bitty Bethany is made of high-quality vinyl.
  • Available in 2005 in red or blonde hair; also as an Asian doll.
  • 2005 Bittty Bethanys come with Kishlets (tiny Helen Kish dolls--a doll for the doll).
  • Suggested retail is $170.00
  • Outfits are available separately.
  • Bitty Bethany is made in China, but Kish & Company is located in Denver, Colorado.
  • Outfits are high quality and often feature embroidery, applique, and high-quality felt.
  • Bitty Bethany has painted features, including eyes.

Guide Review - Bitty Bethany Doll by Kish & Company

Bitty Bethany is from Kish & Company, the Denver, Colorado home base of doll artist Helen Kish. Although many Kish dolls are made completely in Colorado, Bitty Bethany is made, at least partially, in China. However, that doesn't lessen the charm of these dolls--they have the Kish look and quality, with wonderful Kish outfits which include fine felt, embroidery and applique.

Kish dolls really took off with the introduction of Riley, a smaller child fashion doll. Bitty Bethany, introduced in 2004, has also captured the imaginations of collectors. Many collectors sew for these dolls.

The 2005 Bitty Bethany and Bitty Belinda dolls, Green Plaid Bitty Bethany, Polka Dot Pink Bitty Bethany and Pink Floral Bitty Belinda (Asian Sculpt) all come with an additional doll, called a Kishlet.

The dolls, with a $170 price tag, are clearly aimed at collectors. The dolls are produced in very limited editions of only 600 dolls each, which is very nice if you own one, but not so nice if you really want one of these dolls and you can't find one (many doll retailers are already sold out of this year's Bethany dolls). Although the price makes these dolls impractical as a play doll for young children, older children who show an interest in doll collecting, who sew for their dolls, or who would like a few dolls to keep as keepsakes, would also love Bitty Bethany.

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