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Madame Alexander Dolls for 2005: Wendy Loves The Red Hat Society


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Madame Alexander Bowl-O-Rama Wendy
Total Moves Bowling Wendy

Madame Alexander Total Moves Bowling Wendy

Alexander Doll Company

Madame Alexander's Bowl-O-Rama Wendy: A Total Moves Doll

The Total Moves Wendy dolls, introduced in 2004, have been a big hit with collectors. With their extra jointing at the elbows and knees, and their twist waists, the dolls can be posed in many ways. This is especially nice for sports and dancing Wendy's, so the new Bowl-O-Rama Wendy is in the Total Moves body.

I don't think that Madame Alexander has done many bowling dolls, so bowling fans will really enjoy Bowl-O-Rama Wendy, as will fans of the 1950s--Wendy has a 50's inspired pink and black bowling outfit, a pink bowling ball, and her own bowling ball bag! Suggested retail is $74.95.

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