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Madame Alexander Dolls

Dolls from the legendary Madame Alexander, from the earliest composition through today's dolls, loved by children and collectors for over 80 years.
  1. Cissy and Cissette Dolls (12)

Madame Alexander Doll Company Becomes Stop on New York Gray Line Bus Tours
Madame Alexander Doll Company Becomes Stop on New York Gray Line Bus Tours

Madame Alexander McDonald's Happy Meal Dolls
Photos of the Madame Alexander 2007 McDonald's Happy Meal Dolls. Theme for this year is Wizard of Oz.

A Review of the 2006 Madame Alexander Doll Line
The Madame Alexander Doll Company 2006 doll line has been released. Here is a first impressions review, including Cissy, Wendy, Baby, Huggums, Vintage Alexander, Coquette, Alex, Little Women and the Wizard of Oz dolls.

Madame Alexander Dolls at Toy Fair 2005
The newest and best Madame Alexander dolls at Toy Fair 2005, presented in a photo tour.

Official Alexander Doll Co. Page
The official home of Madame Alexander.  History, online catalogs, dealers, and their Madame Alexander doll hospital.

An Image Of Ourselves
A photo-reference library of Madame Alexander Dolls from Auntie.com.

Cathy's Doll Page
Collector with over 500 Madame Alexander dolls shares her passion.

Dolls of the Century
Lovely page about Stephanie's vintage Madame Alexander collection. Excellent, numerous photos.

Lia Sargent Inc.
Lovely site--very choice Madame Alexander dolls for sale; online catalog now available; also snail-mail. 

Madame Alexander Doll Club Dolls
Specialized information on the limited MA Doll Club Dolls.  From Cathy's Doll Page.

Madame Alexander : 75 Years of Dollmaking History
Excellent history of Madame Alexander by Lorinda Bateman from the eBay articles archives.

The Madame Alexander Doll Club
A wealth of information about Madame's creations, and how to join the club.

Women of Valor--Beatrice Alexander
Exceptional site with the best history of Madame Alexander on the Internet. From the Jewish Women's Archives. Madame Alexander is one of the three Women of Valor award winners for 2001.

Mary's Madame Alexander Dolls
Madame Alexander collector; extensive photos of many of the dolls produced in the last ten years;

Dolls That Were Discontinued in 2000
Useful list of MA dolls to be discontinued in 2000.  From Cathy's Doll Page.

Lincoln Dolls
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