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1950s Vogue Ginny Skiier

1950s Vogue Ginny Skiier

Denise Van Patten

All About Ginny Dolls:

Ginny was one of the most popular 8 inch child dolls of all time. Introduced in 1951, Ginny had the height of her popularity during the 1950s, but she is still in production today. She has always had a panoply of clothing and accessories available for her, and her iconic charm created many competitors and copy cats, including Madame Alexander's Wendy doll.

Years of Production of Ginny Dolls:

Ginny was officially introduced in 1951, although she had an unnamed predecessor produced by Vogue Dolls. Ginny has been in almost continuous production ever since.

Company That Produced Ginny Dolls:

Jennie Graves wass the creator of Ginny (named after her daugher Virginia) and the owner of the Vogue Doll Company. Vogue produced Ginny dolls from their inception through 1972. After 1972, Ginny was produced by a succession of companies including Tonka Corporation, Lesney Products Corporation, Meritus Industries and R.Dakin and Company. In 1995, The Vogue Doll Company re-formulated, and they still produce Ginny today.

Material, Size and Characteristics:

Ginny is an 8 inch hard plastic or hard vinyl doll. She has sleep eyes, a wig, and jointing at her neck, shoulders, and hips. In the past few years, a mini Ginny doll that is only 5 inches tall has also been produced.

Prices and Secondary Market for Ginny Dolls:

Ginny doll prices are down a bit from a few years ago, but prices for the earliest dolls and dolls in all-original condition can still reach several hundred dollars. Transitional dolls (dolls from the early 1950s while vogue was experimenting with different types of eyes, painting and skin tones), and early painted lash, strung dolls in mint condition are the most highly sought after. The dolls transitioned from painted lashes and strung limbs to molded lashes and walking bodies by the mid 1950s.

Marks on Ginny Dolls:

Ginny dolls are marked on their backs. Additionally, most of the outfits of the 1950s dolls are tagged on the inside, and the tag types can help you determine the date of the outfit.

Other Ginny Doll Family Characters:

Ginny has an older sister Jill, who stood 10 inches in height,

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