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Review of the Ellowyne Wilde Doll

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Ellowyne Wilde

Ellowyne Wilde "...Now What?"

Denise Van Patten

The Bottom Line

I really like the Ellowyne Wilde line of dolls...but then, I really like the entire anime/goth universe which my pre-teen daughter has introduced me to. If you like anything anime inspired, this doll is for you. Also, I like Ellowyne's slightly dark and depressed story--one of Ellowyne's catch phrases is "Boredom is My Greatest Foe, I wallow in a well of Woe." The doll is well made, with 12 points of articulation. My favorite thing about Ellowyne are her outfits--I like the styling and fabrics used. The doll I based most of this review on is the "...Now, What" dressed Ellowyne doll which retails for $129.00.


  • Inventive and Anime-inspired doll with her own look.
  • Great fabrics used for outfits.
  • Ellowyne Wilde appeals to younger collectors.
  • She's a doll with a mood!


  • Ellowyne Wilde is not the same scale as Tyler-line dolls so the dolls cannot share clothing.
  • Limited distribution channels; only available at FAO and manufacturer's web site.
  • She's a doll with a mood!


  • Ellowyne Wilde is the "Newest Doll With A Mood."
  • She is inspired by "today's anime drawings, designer shoe ads, and ecclectic fashion illustrations"
  • Ellowyne has 12 points of articulation
  • Ellowyne has painted eyes. The eyes are nicely painted, with good details and shading.
  • Ellowyne Wilde has a slightly large head, in the manner of most Anime or Bratz dolls.
  • You can buy Ellowyne with blonde, brunette or red hair.
  • Ellowyne is available as a basic doll for $69 or as a dressed doll for approximately $110 to $139.
  • There are some outfits also available separately for approximately $75 to $99.
  • The specific doll I used for this review was the Ellowyne Wilde "...Now What?" doll
  • Ellowyne is a vinyl doll and she is 16" tall.

Guide Review - Review of the Ellowyne Wilde Doll

Ellowyne Wilde is the first of several "darker" dolls from the creative mind of Robert Tonner, including the upcoming Evangeline Ghastly and Agnes Dreary dolls. This dark turn can be explained by many things, and for Ellowyne especially, I think there is a nod to the very strong creative forces of the anime animations and drawings that pervade our youth culture today. Also, although not officially noted in Ellowyne's artistic inspirations, I see a strong Goth influence (especially in "...Now What?" as well as in "Chills" and "Tatters."

Ellowyne may be a bit too dark and reflective for some, but it is refreshing to see a doll with a new point of view ("My eyes are lustrous, large and deep; Chopin always makes me weep"). Ellowyne is a 16" tall vinyl doll with 12 points of articulation (including wrists and upper rib cage). She has beautifully painted eyes and other features. She sits well in her stand (which doesn't have one of those annoying soft-plastic parts in the base which can make fashion dolls rock back and forth unsteadily) and she has thick, rooted hair.

Although I heavily prefer my dolls to be in "scale" with other fashion dolls that I already own (I have a large collection of 16-17" size fashion dolls including Tyler Wentworth), and I'm not usually drawn to stylized dolls with larger heads, I find that I am still drawn to Ellowyne. Because of her clothes. I LOVE the design of her clothing. The fabric used for "Now What" is a wonderful 60s style light velveteen print with black lace insets and trim. This Ellowyne carries a crocheted bag and has a necklace of oversized glass beads, plus tall lace-up boots.

Overall, I like Ellowyne Wilde very much. I do wish it were easier to see Ellowyne in person (right now, you can only see her at FAO Schwarz or online), but it's fun to see this creative, young, angst-ridden doll on the market.

User Reviews

 3 out of 5
ellowyne review, Member popant42

its great to see a review on these dolls, but a few facts are wrong. the most glaring is the clothing info. ellowyne can wear tonner clothes and tonner can wear ello. the shoes are the only exception. ello comes in all hair colours as well as being available as a wig doll. certain editions are not rooted but supplied with wigs. while most ellos have painted eyes she is also produced with glass eyes as well. a lot has been omitted from her back story. while she is anime inspired with a touch of goth the most important thing about ello is she suffers from cronic ennui. she is a wonderful doll and has a host of friends now available- prudence, amber, rufus, lizette and her wonderful cat sybil who has nine personalities, all of them mean. the story robert tonner created for her is amazing and almost as much fun as the doll itself

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