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Fashion Dolls, Non-Barbie

Fashion Dolls and their fabulous fashions and accessories. Tyler Wentworth, Kitty Collier, Tiny Kitty, Gene, Willow and Daisy, Brenda Starr, Alex, Candi, Tammy, Takara Jenny, Dawn, Jill, Miss Revlon. From vintage darlings to the new hot dolls and repaints,you'll find them all here! Expand your horizon past Barbie.
  1. Robert Tonner Dolls (14)
  2. Gene (17)
  3. Japanese Fashion Dolls (11)
  4. Tyler Wentworth (17)
  5. Vintage Fashion Dolls (21)

New Dolls for 2011 - A Tour of New Dolls at IDEX
New Dolls for 2011 Premiering at IDEX - A Tour of New Dolls at IDEX

Review of the Basic Goldilocks doll by Effanbee Dolls
Review of the Basic Goldilocks doll by Effanbee Dolls

Review of the Juku Couture Dolls by JAAKS Pacific
Review of the Juku Couture Dolls, Clothes and Accessories.

Dutch Designers Viktor & Rolf Bring Large Doll House To London
Dutch Designers Viktor & Rolf Bring Large Doll House To London In Special Exhibit at Barbican Art Gallery

Paulette Goodreau: Always an Artist
Interview with doll artist Paulette Goodreau, creator of the American BJD Dolls

Top 10 Tips For Ball Jointed Dolls
Many American collectors are new to Ball Jointed Dolls. These Asian and Anime-inspired dolls are often (but not always) made in Asia. They have generally realistic proportions and are thus perfect for showcasing fashions. They are also fully customizable, with wigs, eyes, heads and body parts being exchangable and changable. However, since ball jointed dolls ARE so customizable, they can be a bit…

Review of the Ellowyne Wilde Doll
A review of the Ellowyne Wilde fashion doll created by Robert Tonner.

New Fashion Doll Ellowyne Wilde Debuts
Ellowyne Wilde: Is the world ready for a fashion doll that is not quite depressed, but eternally bored?

Doll Furniture for Display and Play
How to use doll furniture to enhance your doll displays and doll play.

Before You Buy Collectible Fashion Dolls
Everything you need to know to choose which 15 to 16 inch adult collectible fashion doll is right for you! Information on Gene, Tyler Wentworth, Eve, Alexandra Fairchild Ford and Brenda Starr.

Ultimate Fashion Doll Makeovers by Jim Farone
An excellent Guide to Fashion Doll Makeovers with hundreds of tips from the experts.

Before You Buy Large Size Fashion Dolls
What You Need To Know before you buy a large-size fashion dolls--tips on whether Tyler, Gene, Brenda, Alex or another doll is right for you.

Tyler Wentworth Fashion Doll
A review of the popular Tyler Wentworth fashion doll by Robert Tonner.

The Latest Doll Trend: Articulation
For popular fashion dolls like Tyler Wentworth and Alex from Madame Alexander, ultra-articulation is the rage! See why Tyler can cross her legs and Alex can bend her toes, and why (most) collectors love it.

Susan Wakeen Dolls: What You Need To Know
All about Susan Wakeen, the creator of the Eve fashion doll.

Fashion Femme Fatales
Gene, Tyler Wentworth, Willow and Daisy--they're hip, they're new, and they want a piece of Barbie's action!  From your About.com Guide.

A Doll Collector's Alphabet
Doll Collecting at About.com, Ellen Tsagaris, Collectible Dolls, Antique Dolls, Ancient Dolls, Rag, Cloth, Barbie, Fashion Dolls, French, German

Monster High Dolls
Monster High dolls are sister dolls to Barbie, but are surpassing her in popularity. The hauntingly chic teenaged dolls have inspired an entire collection of spinoff products and promotions.

Valentine Dolls
Valentine Dolls are gifts from the heart; they include Cupids, angels, Raggedy Ann, Dream Pets, Beanies, and Kamar Dolls, along with Barbies and more.

Profile: Long Gone Dolls by Teri Long
Read about an artist who makes "creepy dolls" beautiful and who takes upcycling to new heights. What started as a project to make original Halloween decorations has blossomed into a career of artistic doll rescue without parallel

Dolls for Washington's Birthday-Emma Clear, Effanbee, More
George and Martha Washington have been reinvented as dolls by many companies, and are popular cross over collectibles with political memorabilia collectors.

The Japanese Doll Festival

Hinges and Hearts: A Group Written Doll Poem
Here is what happens when a group of doll lovers get together to help your guide brainstorm a poem; read on, inspired by Hinges, Hearts, and Metal Dolls.

Dolls in Horror Movies
Dolls have the power to frighten and thrill; many horror movies have doll themes and explore the concept of what dolls mean to us as "others" or non human self portraits

King and Rice; Tommknockers and Interview with the Vampire
Scary films and novels inspire dolls and collectibles

Intensity by Dean Koontz
Dean Koontz's "Intensity" spawned a TV movie that used dolls as props in a sinister plot.

More about Paper Dolls

Living Dollls

Review: Abernathy's

Ritual Figures, Relgious Figures, Holiday Dolls

The Doll Files
Documenting your doll collection and preserving ephemera creates an interesting side collection.

Review: Eagle Estate Brokers [EEB] Flea Market
Indoor Flea Market with a Historic Past with unlimited doll hunting opportunities

Headless Historicals
Macabre humor, historical costuming, and creative genius give Living Dead Dolls a Run for their toy money.

More on Bru
More on this amazing doll of the antique world

More Jumeau
Jumeau has been called the prince of the French Dollmakers

So, You want to Write a Doll Book? Part III
The story of how I wrote a doll book continues, with help from Mary Hillier and others.

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